As a nation, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens. From that first tea or coffee in the morning, through to the last glass of wine at night, you don't have to be a culinary enthusiast to quickly clock up the hours spent in the kitchen. So why not make it look good? Why would you want to have a dull and drab kitchen, with no character or style or personality? Especially since it's one of the rooms a friend is most likely to see if they pop over. The bedrooms and bathroom - they're tucked away, often out of bounds. But the kitchen? That's right there in the fore-front! There's no escaping it. So make it flourish this April!


Here are our Top 10 Kitchen Looks...


1) The Azulejo Approach

These monochrome Azulejo Tiles will transform the look of any kitchen. Catering for both walls and floors, they boast a captivating Moroccan design. They consist of several different geometric and efflorescent patterns fused together in a patchwork effect. So why not invite them into your home this #DIYmonth, ready for a fresh start in May?




2) Modern Mosaics

Create a contemporary look in your kitchen this Spring by introducing these Glass Brick Mosaic tiles. They have a fantastic shine, and really play with the light. They consist of small brick-shaped glass pieces arranged in an eye-catching brick-bond design, and are available in a whole range of colours. It's up for you to decide which colour would reflect you best! The Slate Grey tiles were used in a recent DIY SOS kitchen, and were hand-chosen by the designer.




 3) Colourful splashbacks

Perfect for transforming your kitchen this #DIYmonth, these glass kitchen splashbacks are a really easy and simple way to completely change the look of the room. They stand behind the sink or hob, and are available in a whole range of colours. Choose your favourite, by a matching kettle and toaster, and boom - you've got yourself a brand new look.




4) The Natural Effect

Featured in an episode of Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover, these stylish mosaic-effect Lito Tiles are perfect for inviting a fresh new background into your kitchen, ready for the Summer. They have a realistic stone effect design - allowing you to bring that sought-after natural look into your home.




5) A Lighter Look

Our Lounge Tiles are perfect for creating a bright appearance in your home. Putting light colours on the floor not only brightens the place up, but it also makes the room seem bigger (a little trick that has been used on ceilings for centuries). So why not brighten up your kitchen this Spring?




6) The Mighty Metro

One of the most popular tiles of 2014, the brick-shaped 200x100 Metro Tile is the perfect partner for your kitchen walls. Available in over 30 colours, in both matt and gloss finishes, the bevelled edges give a really defined appearance to your walls.




7) Patchwork Perfection

Reminiscent of the 2014 Moroccan craze, these Patchwork Mosaic Effect Tiles are every bit as captivating! They consist of dozens of different patterns, textures and colours, and are arranged in a random 'patchwork quilt' style - making for a truly unique wall display. Put them behind your sink, and have something nice to look at when you're doing the washing up, throughout the Summer.




8) Rough and Rustic

If you want to create definition on your walls this Spring, then these Rustic Metro Tiles are certainly the choice for you. Each tile has a warped, bumpy, vintage design. For best results, we recommend mixing a few similar colours together, and creating a subtle yet stylish mix.




9) The power of words

Make a statement in your kitchen by adding in these Torino Statement Tiles. The culture of hanging printed signs around your home is not going away any time soon - so these tiles are right on trend. Choose the messages you'd like, and pair them up with the matching plain-coloured pieces.




10) The Actual Natural

Unlike the stone-effect Lito Tiles from further up our list, these Zibo Slate Mosaic Tiles are the real deal. Arriving on a mesh backing, it couldn't be easier to add the natural look to those kitchen walls! The mix of colours, textures and patterns will add true natural beauty to your kitchen.




What do you think to our Top 10? Will you be inviting any of these stylish kitchen tiles into your home?



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