So the Season of Transformation has arrived. The sun is appearing more frequently and the days are growing longer. We're all starting to think about DIY - inviting those Spring changes indoors. Brightening up our bathrooms, giving them a spot of TLC. Well, there's no better way than with tiles! They're cheap, easy to install, and last a lifetime. But there are just so many to choose from. Here is a run-down of our favourite bathroom looks. A bathroom Top 10...


metalico tiles


1) Metalico Tiles

Textured surfaces are a huge trend right now - especially linear designs! These chic and contemporary Metalico Tiles have a captivating metallic shine that shimmers and gleams under the light. They are perfect for bringing a unique and exclusive look to your bathroom. You can even create a wet room area, like the one above!


oseir willow tiles


2) Oseir Willow Tiles

These Oseir Willow Tiles also have a stylish linear design. Create real contrast by combining the darker pieces with the lighter in a striped display. Taking their name from a type of willow tree, their linear effect loosely resembles bark; allowing you to bring a natural-inspired look into your bathroom. Experiment with the different colours, and try mounting both vertically and horizontally. See what looks best in your home.


bathroom tempest tiles


3) Tempest Tiles

Talking about natural-inspired looks, these Tempest Tiles consist of stunning stone effect pieces. They are strikingly realistic. Available in a selection of soft and subtle colours, and suitable for both walls and floors, they will bring a warm and relaxed feel to your bathroom.


moroccan azelejo tiles


4) Azulejo Tiles

Subtle not your style? Then these Azulejo Tiles are definitely the choice for you! Part of our stunning selection of Moroccan tiles, they consist of a striking patchwork design; combining a hypnotic blend of black, white and sepia-coloured geometric patterns. Invite the spice of Moroccan life into your bathroom this season.


metro tiles


5) Metro 200x100 Tiles

Brick-shaped tiles are all the rage in the world of interior design. But none are more sought-after than our sleek and contemporary Metro 200x100 Tiles. With defined bevelled edges, they will bring a stylish, modernistic feel to your bathroom walls. Here at Walls and Floors, we have the largest selection of Metro colours in the UK, with a staggering 35!


eden tiles for bathroom


6) Eden Tiles

Part of the designer Louisa Charlotte Collection, and exclusive to Walls and Floors, these eye-catching Eden Tiles combine glistening linear tiles with striking floral feature pieces to create the ultimate bathroom tile selection.




7) Wave Black and White Tiles

Another popular trend in 2014 is the introduction of undulating surfaces - creating the effect of waves, or movement. What better to introduce this trend to your bathroom than our selection of Wave Black and White Tiles? Use them to create a monochrome backdrop, and then add colour with your accessories!




 8) Vintage Wood Tiles

Another member of the Louisa Charlotte Collection, these stunning Vintage Wood Tiles have a stylish and contemporary crate effect. With a realistic grain effect embedded in the surface of the tile, they look like white-washed wood, and are perfect for introducing a bright floor space to your bathroom.

Top Tip: Adding light tiles to floor areas makes the room look bigger!


Mediterranean Marble Effect Tiles


 9) Mediterranean Marble Effect Tiles

Another opportunity to invite the natural look into your home, these Mediterranean Marble Effect Tiles have a realistic stone effect design. Available in a variety of rich, warm colours, they are perfect for breathing new life into your bathroom areas. Why not mix and match different tile formats, like in the image above? Combine stone effect tiles with mosaics to create a striking feature display.




10) Solitaire Tiles

These striking Solitaire Tiles also fit into the trend of undulating surfaces with their unique quilted design. The raised diamonds have a gloss finish, and play with the light fantastically. Create a truly contemporary bathroom with these captivating feature pieces!



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