Top 10 Louisa Charlotte Tiles

The Louisa Charlotte Collection is full of stylish tile designs that have been designed or hand chosen by our exclusive designer, Louisa Charlotte. From realistic wood effects which are alive with texture and a lifelike woodgrain effect, through to captivating feature wall tiles, perfect for creating a eye-catching focal point in an interior area. There’s something for every taste, and every room in the house. Here are our 10 favourites tiles from the collection.


1) Arbre Grey Hexagon Tiles

A member of the Rokkakkei Hexagon Tile range, these Arbre Grey Hexagon Tiles have a captivating wood ring design. They create the illusion of a chopped log, and are ideal for introducing the raw materials trend into your home. It’s called ‘Nature’s Prescription,’ and it’s all about inviting natural textures into your interiors, such as wood or stone, with the aim of helping you feel closer to nature without having to venture outside. The Rokkakkei Hexagon range is made up of various designs and textures, including corrugated surfaces and Moroccan patterns – so you can mix and match, and have a bit of fun!



2) Buffalo Black Tiles

These large floor tiles have a textured, distressed, stone-like appearance. They measure a gigantic 900x450mm, and come from our range of Safari Tiles. All the tiles in our Safari range are named after enormous African animals, due to their size, and their weathered, leather-like patterns. With tiles as big as these, you could finish an average-sized floor in no time at all – giving you extra time to set to work accessorizing, and bringing your interiors up to date!



3) Bianco Floor Tiles

Invite these stylish Bianco Floor Tiles into your home, and your guests will think you’ve forked out thousands on carpentry bills. They have a realistic crate-effect design, with slats filling a solid wooden frame. They belong to our range of Vintage Wood Tiles, and have a white-washed finish; perfect for brightening up any room. Adding a light colour to the floor helps to make a room seem larger. It’s for that exact reason that we paint our ceilings white. They also come in an anti-slip version, to help make those slippery bathroom floors that little bit safer.



4) Cream Scrabble Tiles

A recent addition to the Louisa Charlotte Collection, these Cream Scrabble Tiles are ideal for personalising any interior. They’re completely exclusive to Walls and Floors. Covering every letter in the alphabet, and matching the letter scores of the original family game, you can spell out any word, name, lyric or phrase. They can be stuck on the wall, placed in a frame and stood on a shelf or mantelpiece, or used as a contemporary set of coasters on a desk or coffee table. They also make for a perfect gift. You can spell out a word like ‘HOME’ or ‘LOVE’, put them in a gift box filled with shredded tissue paper, and give them to a friend of loved one for Christmas or a birthday.



5) Boysenberry Vine Decor Tiles

These striking decor tiles are part of the Louisa Charlotte Collection’s flagship range, Eden. Completely exclusive to Walls and Floors, and not available anywhere else on the internet, the Eden Tile range was designed by our in-house designer Louisa Charlotte, and consists of a combination of linear tiles and captivating, room-stealing vine decor pieces. This particular decor tile depicts of a boysenberry vine – branching out, and reaching in all directions with its domed, glitter-lined leaves and glistening linear backdrop. They’re great for creating a feature strip in a bathroom or kitchen area.



6) Vintage Wood Plank Tiles

Another white washed wood tile, these wintry Vintage Wood Plank Tiles are perfect for brightening up a dull interior space. Create the illusion of painted floorboards. Unlike natural wooden planks, these tiles don’t require sanding down, along with all the constant treatment and maintenance. They don’t mark as easily as real wood, either. Plus, should you spill a glass of red wine on them, you can simply wipe it up. If it were a carpet, or untreated floorboard, then there would be a unsightly permanent stain. Use them to create the perfect blank canvas – one you can accessorize to, throughout the year. A favourite interior accessory at present is the antler, as shown in the below lifestyle image.



7) Silver Micro Mosaic Tiles

Micro mosaics are a trend that have popped up over the last few months – appearing in swanky, stylish bars, hotels and restaurants. A fraction of the size of regular mosaics, micro mosaics really add texture and definition to a wall space; completely breaking it up, and adding a new lease of life into the interior area. These micro mosaic effect tiles are part of our range of Tessellated Tiles – another member of the Louisa Charlotte Collection. The individual micro mosaic faces are angled in slightly different directions, so that the gloss surfaces reflect different lights; creating a varied, glistening effect.



8) Azabache Decor Tiles

Another stunning twist on mosaic tiles, these Azabache Decor Tiles feature a mosaic effect floral display. They depict rich, red flower heads, steely silver leaves and stems, warm golden trellis, and a background of earthy browns and greys. They’re part of our range of mosaic effect Orleans Tiles. This delightful decor set comes as a twin pack, with two feature panels that you put side-by-side. You can use as many twin packs as you like; creating a giant floral feature wall or focal point in your bathroom, kitchen or living room. For best results, frame your feature with the plain Azabache Mosaic Effect Tiles from the same range.



9) Cream Rustic Metro Tiles

If you’re looking to create an aged, vintage, shabby chic look in your bathroom or kitchen, then our selection of Rustic Metro Tiles is the choice for you. A series of gloss brick-shaped tiles with a warped, misshapen surface, they are perfect for adding character to your wall spaces, and come in a multitude of different colours; perfect for every style and taste. You can choose just a single colour, or mix and match a few different colours to create an eye-catching patchwork effect. They make for great splashbacks. If you’re unsure what a splashback is, it’s an easy wipeable surface that stands behind a sink or hob, to catch any spray specks of water or pan fat.



10) Jaded Moleskin Tiles

A trend that’s growing ever more so in the world of interior design is Industrial Upcycle. It’s the concept of invite themes of an industrial setting into your home. For example, brick effect tiles on the wall, brass piping, enormous metal clogs as decorations, cinder blocks as storage slots. It’s a very unique, distinctive look, but it’s one that’s taking the UK by storm. These Jaded Moleskin Tiles are part of our selection of Foundry Concrete Effect Tiles. As the range name suggests, they have a realistic concrete effect design, and are perfect for piecing together an industrial effect floor space.



Which is your favourite Louisa Charlotte tile? Will you be welcoming it into your home, in time for the new year? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+.



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