Top 10 Metro Tiles

Metro tiles get their name from the interior of the London Underground, from which they were inspired. Adding a contemporary feel to any space, these simple tiles are available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes. Here at Walls and Floors, we have a stunning selection of metro tiles available for you to choose from!

Why are they called metro tiles?

Metro tiles are a timeless classic when it comes to decorating a kitchen or bathroom wall space. They first came about in the underground stations, at the turn of the 20th century, where different colour combinations were used so that passengers could recognise the stations.

Why are metro tiles so popular?

Versatile, affordable and easy to clean, metro tiles are a classic choice for the home. These simple tiles lend themselves to a wide variety of styles, and their adaptability means that they’re sure to fit into any design scheme you choose!

How can metro tiles be arranged?

Metro tiles can be seen in the popular brickbond style, inspired by the layout in the underground, but there are also many other layouts available including basketweave, herringbone and subway style!

1. Plush Crackle Glaze Tiles

Our Plush Crackle Glaze Tiles are perfect for bringing a luxurious look to the interiors of your home with their indulgent deep glaze and eye-catching green hue. Designed in a classic, elongated brick shape with a distinctive 4-sided bevelled edge, these tiles are made from white-bodied ceramic for a smooth surface and high colour definition.

Green metro tiles bevelled crackle kitchen splashback wall tiles

Above, Plush Victorian Green Crackle Glaze Tiles

2. Chatham Tiles

Whether your project is inside, outside, on walls or on floors, our Chatham Brick Tiles are the perfect choice for contemporary design! They feature an elegant flat brick shape with a unique shadow or “smokey” effect throughout their surface giving an overall tonal gradient finish.

Blue metro tiles elongated brick shaped herringbone hallway floor tiles

Above, Chatham Blue Brick Tiles

3. Hope Tiles

These Hope Gloss Brick Effect Wall Tiles feature a Zellige style glaze for a characterful wall design. Crafted from quality white body ceramic, they feature 25 unique faces and a brick shape, perfect for transforming interior spaces into creative design!

Blue metro tiles elongated brick shaped bathroom wall tiles

Above, Hope Blue Gloss Brick Effect Wall Tiles

4. Victorian Metro Tiles

Capture that sought after period look in your bathroom or kitchen with these charming Victorian Metro Tiles, which have a rich hue! Their bevelled edge contains a slightly lighter tone; making each tile stand out! They are perfect for giving your wall spaces a wonderful vintage appearance. 

orange metro tiles bevelled brick shaped bathroom wall tiles

Above, Victorian Mango Metro Tiles

5. Pickett™ Bevelled Tiles

These Picket Bevelled Tiles have an elongated hexagonal design, with bevelled edges that add a definitive look and make the tiles ‘pop’ and stand out from the wall. They’re made from ceramic, and can be used to transform the wall spaces in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway!

blue hexagon metro tiles bevelled bathroom wall tiles

Above, Pickett™ Bevelled Navy Tiles

6. Raku Tiles

‘Raku firing’ is a Japanese technique that dates back to the 1550s. It uses all of the Earth’s elements – fire, wind, earth and air – and creates an incredible glaze on ceramic, which varies in tone and texture each time. When applied to tiles, this creates a beautiful bespoke variety across a wall space!

blue rustic metro kitchen wall tiles raku multicolour splashback

Above, Raku Colours Tiles

7. Metro 200×100 Tiles

These Greenwich Gloss Metro Tiles are inspired by the London underground subway tiles for an elegant, timeless look in your home. Made with ceramic, these vintage-styled tiles have a distinctive bevelled edge, and they are ideal for bathroom or kitchen walls.

green metro tiles bevelled brick shaped kitchen splashback wall tiles

Above, Greenwich Gloss Green Metro Tiles

8. Metro Flat 200×100 Tiles

A stylish shade of grey, these Flat Sloane Square Gloss 200×100 Tiles will bring a chic, suave and contemporary look to your kitchen or bathroom walls. They have a flat surface with a shimmering gloss finish that will mark your home sparkle.

grey metro tiles brick shaped gloss kitchen splashback wall tiles

Above, Sloane Square Gloss Grey Flat Metro Tiles

9. Boutique Brick 250×50 Tiles

Transform your interior spaces this season with the simple addition of these Boutique Brick 250×50 Tiles. Made from ceramic and grey in colour, these gorgeous brick shaped wall tiles have rustic edges and a bumpy gloss surface, giving a handmade appearance, which allows for a luxury vintage display in a bathroom or kitchen. 

green metro tiles elongated brick shaped herringbone kitchen wall splashback tiles

Above, Pearl Handcrafted Metro Tiles

10. Metro 150×75 Tiles

These Metro 150×75 Tiles are modern and versatile, yet they carry a vintage, 1920s feel. Inspired by the London underground subway tiles, these timeless ceramic blue metro tiles are ideal for bathroom or kitchen walls.

blue metro tiles bevelled brick shaped hallway wall tiles

Above, Bond Street Gloss Blue Mini Metro Tiles

Which metro tiles are your favourite? We’d love to know! Tag us in your projects on Instagram @wallsandfloors.

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Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson