Top 10 Outdoor Tiles: Image Gallery

Create an outdoor area you can enjoy all year round

Thinking about expanding your home? If you have a garden, there’s no need! The garden can act as an additional room, if you decorate it right. Add some shelter (such as a gazebo or parasol) and some outdoor heating (which, these days, is much more affordable than you’d expect) and you have an outdoor space you can enjoy all year round – come rain or shine. It all comes down to the base of the garden – what you’ve got on the ground. Whereas grass might be a little inhospitable in the colder months, a solid patio area is something you can enjoy three hundred and sixty five days a year.

When it comes to creating a patio area, you need to use the right medium. Wooden decking is lethal. It’s slippery, it fades in sunlight like nobody’s business, and it’s hard to scrub clean when moss starts accumulating in the ruts. Tiles are a much more practical, hard-wearing, stylish option when it comes to creating a patio area.

Wood effect tiles in the garden

If you like the idea of using wooden designs in the garden, but you’re over-put by dangerous, slippery decking, then you might like to go for a nice wood effect design. In the image gallery above, you’ll find two. Our striking Vintage Wood Tiles from the designer Louisa Charlotte come in an interesting, unique crate parquet effect. They have a realistic wood effect design and a fantastic anti-slip finish; ensuring extra grip underfoot. Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional plank-shaped wood effect tile, see the Vintage Wood Plank Tile. Again, they have a lifelike wood grain design, with a gripping anti-slip finish, but they’re elongated and rectangular in shape; like your more traditional wooden board. For a slightly different crate effect design, with struts running vertically across the surface of the tile, try our Wood Effect Thekku Tiles.

Stone effect outdoor tiles

If you want to bring the natural look into your garden but wood isn’t for you, why not try a stone effect design instead? Our Country Rustic tiles feature in the gallery above. They have a gruff, textured surface, and have the appearance of natural stone, even though they’re made from durable porcelain. They come in four different shades – ranging from cool beiges, through to warm browns. For a more gritty, aged, worn stone effect design, elect for our striking Febero Tiles – available in three shades.

Add kerb appeal with Victorian Tiles

Don’t forget about your front garden – that’s the outdoor area people see the most, as they pass by your home. Walk down a Victorian street in London, and the fronts of homes are decorated with gorgeous period tiles – in monochrome checkerboard designs. We have a fabulous selection of olde English clay Victorian Tiles to choose from – such as our Gosford Tiles range. Perfect for jazzing up the front of your property – adding a luxury, bespoke appearance.



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