Top 10 Red Tiles

metro red tiles

Are you a lover of red? It’s the colour of fire and passion, so it’s not for the faint hearted! On a colour wheel, the red section represents warmer tones. Why? Because they remind us visually of fire, or of a sunset. Therefore, if you’re looking to put together a cosy colour scheme in an interior area, reds are a great option. Here are our Top 10 Red Tiles


metro red tiles


1) Liverpool Street Metro Red Tiles

First up, here’s a charming design from our selection of metro tiles! These Liverpool Street Red Metro Tiles will add colour to any kitchen splashback! They have a glossy finish, which is guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests! For best results, use them in  herringbone layout.


Red glass brick mosaic tiles


2) Red Brick Mosaic Tiles

Equally as ideal for creating a kitchen splashback are these Red Brick Mosaic Tiles. Made from glass, they have a shimmering gloss finish that bounces light around the room. They come in a popular brick-bond layout, and look like mini metro tiles!




3) Patchwork Mosaic Tiles

Inject both pattern and texture into those wall spaces with these exciting Rojo Patchwork Mosaic Tiles! They are ideal for creating a feature wall in a bathroom or kitchen.


Glistening Red Mosaic Tiles


4) Red Mix Mosaic Tiles

If you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, which is guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests as they step into your bathroom or kitchen, then how about these Red Mix Tiles? They have a glistening iridescent finish, with hints of red and pink! The colours change as you move around the room.


Astir textured red wall tiles


5) Astir Tiles

Texture is a key element when it comes to choosing coverings for your walls and floors. A plain, smooth space that lacks texture looks completely void, charmless and lifeless. Our Astir Tiles have a creased, riven, textured design and, as luck would have it, there’s a gorgeous red option!


Red splash effect mosaic tiles


6) Splash Mosaic Tiles

For an interesting and textured approach to tiling a wall space in your home this season, try these simply stunning Splash Mosaic Tiles. I think you can guess where they got their name – they look like the lapping ripples of water!


Gloss red rhian brick tiles


7) Rhian Tiles

Once featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, our Rhian Tiles offer a sleek and modernistic alternative to the traditional metro brick tile. A bold red in colour with a reflective gloss finish, they have an elongated design, and look fantastic in a linear or brick-bond design. Alternatively, for a trendy twist, try applying a herringbone pattern.



Red Quartz Tiles


8) Quartz Tiles

If you’re bored of looking at blistering stone effect lino or plain wooden floorboards, and you want a floor space with a little more zest, try our characterful Quartz Tiles. They consist of sparkling granite trapped in coloured resin, with mirror flecks that glisten and glitter under the light!



Red Quarry Tiles


9) Red Quarry Tiles

Create a traditional farmhouse floor in your home with some rustic red quarry tiles! Perfect for injecting some country charm into a bathroom, kitchen or hallway floor space.


Red mosaic tiles


10) Astro Mosaic Tiles

Here’s another interesting and captivating mosaic tile, from the Astro Mosaic Tiles collection. It consists of a mix of quartz, glass and metal, with smooth and textured surfaces; guaranteed to bring any wall space to life.

There you have it – our Top 10 Red Tiles! For more top 10’s, check out our Top 10 of Everything section.






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