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Time for a new floor? Here’s why you should choose floor tiles…

If you’re tired of looking at the same old floor spaces in your home, then it’s probably time for an update! Most floor coverings diminish over time. Carpets fade, become beaten and thread-bare, and become riddled with stains. Laminate scratches easily, and swells around the edges from exposure to moisture. Lino blisters in the heat, and you end up with bulging bubbles in the middle of your floor. Even natural wooden floorboards mark easily, and they require ongoing treatment and maintenance; you have to sand out all the scratches every year or so. It’s easy to see why you’d become tired of a floor space; particularly if you didn’t install tiles.

Tiles are a hard-wearing, long-lasting alternative to other flooring solutions. They don’t scratch or mark as easily as laminate. They don’t stain as easily as carpet. If a tipsy friend knocks over a glass of red wine, it would ruin a carpet. Whereas if you spill liquid onto tiles, you can simply mop it up. Unlike lino, floor tiles remain firm and level – they don’t warp and blister under the heat. And unlike natural wooden floorboards, porcelain and ceramic tiles don’t require any treatment or maintenance. You simply lay them, and that’s that! Tiles are affordable, on-trend, easy to install and – thanks to recent developments in HD printing – come in thousands of different designs; from Moroccan patterns and hexagonal shapes, through to wood effect and stone effect designs. To help you filter through the scores of stylish floor tiles, we’ve created a run-down of our Top 12.

Top 12 Floor Tiles

1) Made from clay, our Victorian Unglazed Hexagon Tiles are perfect for creating a period look in your kitchen or bathroom. Take a walk around one of the latest interior design shows and you’ll see hexagon after hexagon. This six-sided shape is a major interior trend right now. Use them to piece together a striking honeycomb design in your home this season. As shown in the gallery above, this range allows you to create a monochrome design.

Victorian Clay Hexagon Floor Tiles

2) Create your own woodland retreat with the introduction of our Antique Wood Effect Tiles. With a weathered design, they are perfect for injecting a more rustic, characterful appearance into your interiors. They’re made from porcelain and have a matt finish. To help build a rustic woodland scheme in your home, use these tiles in combination with a log pile and a decorative wicker basket.

Antique Wood Effect Floor Tiles

3) Want to bring the natural look into your home? We have plenty of wood effect and stone effect tiles to choose from. But if you prefer the real thing, fear not – we have real slate tiles up for grabs, too. One of the best examples of which is the Country Farmhouse Black Slate Tiles range. Available in both square and rectangular designs, these natural slate tiles allow you to create a rustic country cottage appearance in your kitchen, bathroom, hallway or living room. They do require treating.

Country farmhouse black slate tiles

4) If you love the wood effect look, but you want to break away from the traditional plank-by-plank design, then you might like our Archaic Painted Wood Effect Tiles. These porcelain tiles have a parquet effect design, and carry the illusion of painted wood. One design is all-white, whilst another design is a mix of whites, browns and blues. They make for a more interesting approach to wood effect floor tiles, and are ideal for creating a statement floor.

Archaic Painted Wood Effect Tiles

5) Another interior trend you may have noticed if you visit home styling shows or flick through lifestyle magazines is geometric. Bold geometric designs are appearing across a spectrum of goodies for your home. They’re on rugs, they’re on blinds, they’re on cushions, they’re on wallpaper. Now, as you might have guessed, they’re on floor tiles, too. One stunning example of a floor tile with a geometric design is our Lutum Mosaic Tiles. Made from clay, these mosaics consists of over-lapping circles in an eye-catching monochrome design. They’re also suitable for use on walls, but that’s a different story!

Lutum mosaic tiles

6) Another welcome break from the traditional wood effect plank comes in the form of the Estrellar Wood Effect Tiles range. A porcelain wood effect tile, it consists of a star made from shades of light and dark wood. The tile is alive with realistic wood grain, and creates the illusion of a lovingly crafted wooden floor.

Estrellar wood effect floor tiles

7) Another major interior design trend? Moroccan. For a while now, we’ve offered a selection of colourful Moroccan patterns and patchworks. But more recently, we’ve taken in designs based around an Arabesque shape called ‘provenzale’. Also called ‘the lantern shape,’ it’s an elaborate fusing of protruding corners, semi circles and inverted curves. Our range of Belleza Tiles consists of different prozenzale designs – one concrete effect, one wood effect, one stone effect, and one a luscious shade of cream.

Belleza Moroccan Provenzale Floor Tiles

8) If you are a fan of the traditional wood effect plank, then they don’t come much more realistic than these Samanea Tiles. Alive with a lifelike wood grain design with textured grooves and raised knots, your guests will be hard-pressed to realise it’s not real wood! Unlike real wood, they don’t require treatment and maintenance.

Samanea wood effect tiles

9) Remember when we mentioned that we have a colourful offering of Moroccan patchwork Tiles? Here’s one of the very best. These Zellij Tiles consist of various Arabesque patterns in a kaleidoscope of different colours; allowing you to piece together a varied patchwork display on your floor areas. Create a unique statement floor that’s full of character, and steal the attention of your guests!

Zellij Moroccan Pattern Floor Tiles

10) Made from porcelain, our Vintage Wood Tiles can be used both inside and out; allowing you to transform an interior living room or an exterior patio area. They consist of a parquet effect design, with lifelike wood grain. There are ant-slip options available (essential when tiling outdoors). They belong to the Louisa Charlotte Collection – a selection of designer pieces, created by our exclusive in-house designer Louisa Charlotte.

Vintage wood effect floor tiles

11) For a contemporary approach to a wood effect floor, go white! Our selection of Vintage Wood Plank Tiles (also part of the Louisa Charlotte collection) have a medley of white-washed wood effect floor tiles in both smooth and anti-slip finishes. White tiles effortlessly merge one room into the next in a constant, free-flowing scheme, as shown in the pic below!

Vintage wood plank white wood effect tiles

12) Another way of creating a modern and contemporary floor space is by going for a large format stone effect design. They don’t come much bigger than our collection of Safari Large Floor Tiles, which are all named after the colossal animals you might encounter on a safari, on account of their XXL size. They’re made from porcelain, and are very sturdy, so can be used on floor areas throughout the house – even in areas with high footfall, such as the hallway of a busy family home.

Safari Grey Floor Tiles

We hope you’ve found this run-down of our Top 12 floor tiles helpful. For more visual inspiration when it comes to choosing tiles for your home, visit our image galleries.



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