Trend Amalgamation For 2021: Terrazzo Hexagons

We’ve launched our Terrazzo Hexagon tile collection – perfect for introducing characterful design into homes for a fresh start to the warmer months.

As a blend of popular style trends Terrazzo Hexagon tiles fuse the modernity of geometric design with classical Italian style, inspired by the pavimento alla Veneziana, in order to bring design full of personality to homes this season.

Their fragmented, speckled style is a gorgeous statement not to be ignored; mix and match colours for a bold, Maximalist statement or keep it consistent with matching tiles for on-trend, energetic design.

Featuring three colourways, each one taps in to an up-and-coming colour trend for 2021: earthy tones, forest greens and monochrome statements. They open up opportunities for a multitude of style designs and trends; maximalism, geometry, and naturalism.

Their rotational shape and multi-faceted pattern result in unique mottled designs perfect for any room. Plus, they are crafted from durable and trustworthy porcelain and feature an anti-slip rating of R10; suitable for both wall and floor design. 

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Explore the collection here: Terrazzo Hexagon Tiles