In this month's edition of Trend Watch, we're going to take a peek into 2015. We've searched the depths of the world of interior design to bring you the most prominent decorating themes for 2015.


With the New Year just around the corner, you're probably starting to think about resolutions. One of the top resolutions on most people's lists is to give the home a bit of a makeover; a refresh. A new year, a new look. So when it comes to mapping out those New Year decorating projects, you may like to incorporate some of these striking, stylish trends; to help keep your interiors à la mode.


The natural appeal

Earlier this year, we talked about 'Nature's Prescription.' It's a trend in which we invite raw, naturalistic materials into our interiors. Wood effect flooring, wood cladding, wood furniture, log piles, stone effect flooring, carvings made from rock. If you noticed faux antlers appearing in all the home stores and lifestyle magazines, they are a staple of this trend, too. Try this Stag Head Wall Art from Design 55 Interiors...


Stag head wall decor


It's all part of Nature's Prescription; the idea of inviting themes from the natural world into our interiors, to help us feel closer to nature. Which, of course, is something we can't always do. We'd all love to take a stroll through a country park - but a lot of us have pressingly hectic schedules, and at this time of the year, with the paths being nothing but churned-up trenches of mud, it just isn't practical. So inviting themes of nature into our homes allows us to experience that same wholesome, stripped-back, at-ease feeling.




Moving into 2015, the natural trend is still current. But in addition to the themes above, it will venture into floral prints; curtains, tiles and wallpaper with efflorescent designs.


Our exclusive Eden Tiles, which were designed by our in-house designer Louisa Charlotte, have a striking floral design; with captivating, creeping vines winding their way across the surface of the tile.




Create a splash: To help create a more complete natural experience, internal water features are going to become a more common interior decoration. The free-flowing trickle will help deliver the trend to your ears, as well as your eyes.


Green will become a prominent accent colour in the trend; so think about collecting green candles, ornaments, etc. Here, along with the rustic wooden table, shelving and cupboard faces, plants and jugs have been used to infuse that green glow:




A touch of marsala

As we commented on earlier on in December, Pantone have recently released their Colour of the Year 2015. As the international colour authority, interior designers all over the globe are going to be working with Pantone's Colour of the Year selection in mind. It's called 'Marsala,' and it's a rich, earthy, wine red; perfect for adding a little elegance to a room, whilst at the same time keeping it quite fun and playful.


When it comes to decorating your home ready for the year ahead, this colour scheme is definitely one to keep in mind. A quick and easy way to introduce it into your home is in your fabrics; your curtains, your cushions, your tablecloth.


pantone marsala colour of the year


But you can also use it when it comes to decorating your wall spaces. We have some incredibly stylish Marsala-toned tiles to choose from. For one thing, there's our exclusive Eden Tiles. Part of our Louisa Charlotte Collection, and created by our in-house designer, they come in an eye-catching linear effect, and in a glistening vine pattern.




Secondly, there's our sleek, bevelled, brick-shaped St Paul's Red Tiles. Part of our Metro Tile collection, they're perfect for adding some tasteful vintage charm. Metro tiles slot perfectly into that space between your work surface and the under-belly of your overhead cupboards. It's a small area, meaning it won't cost you much, and yet it will completely transform the appearance of your kitchen, whilst at the same time solidly stapling the Marsala colour into your interiors:




Check out our post on Inviting Pantone's Colour of the Year into Your Home for more tips and ideas.


Stencil art

A huge trend which will be sweeping through our interiors in 2015 is stencil art. Until now, stencilling has mostly been a form used by graffiti artists or art students. But in 2015, it will be appearing in the trendiest homes the UK has to offer. Stencils, which are openly available in shops such as Hobbycraft, will be used to create so-called 'stencil rugs' on a floor space. With a simple triangle cut-out, you can transform the appearance of an awful MDF floor area.


Stencilling is a cheap and easy way to transform a wall or floor space; adding a modernistic, artist twist. It's about adapting what you already have, rather than adding to it. Here, tree-shaped stencils have been used to create an attractive pattern on a hallway wall:



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