Trend Watch is a monthly release from Walls and Floors. In it, we bring you the latest hits in the world of interior design and decorating. This May, with the Summer just around the corner, we've found that terracotta is trending across the UK!


Terracotta: A natural winner

Made from a type of clay, and typically dark orange in colour, terracotta products are great for introducing a rustic vibe to your home. The warm colour is perfect for brightening up dull, grey spaces. Terracotta allows you to create that Mediterranean villa look right here in the UK. With Summer on its way, you can bask outside in the sunshine, in your own mock-Spanish paradise.




Another string to terracotta's bow is that it's a wholly natural product. Unlike some other types of wall and floor covering, there is nothing environmentally unfriendly in its production. From Italian, 'terra cotta' translates to 'baked earth.' It's exactly that - baked clay - something that dates back to Egyptian times!


Terracotta in the home

If you're looking to decorate over the coming weeks, why not introduce Terracotta Tiles into your home? The natural colour goes well in any room - from the bathroom through to the kitchen. It even works well in a living area or bedroom. Terracotta gives the space a richer, warmer feel.


Create that traditional rustic feel in your bathroom. Terracotta Tiles will go perfectly with an old, stand-alone bathtub:


In addition, use them in a kitchen or hallway to create a light and welcoming appearance:




Terracotta in the garden

Terracotta is openly available in the world of gardening. Most garden centres sell terracotta plant pots of some description. This set of Terracotta Arc Pots is just £49.99 from Tesco Direct:




Why not grab a few? You could even try using large pots to plant your own fruit-bearing trees, in an attempt to create your own Spanish orchard.


Or you could simply buy smaller pots, plant pansies in them, and sit them on your windowsill. Either way, the touch of terracotta will lend extra warmth to the area.


Our Baked Earth Terracotta Tiles are perfectly suitable for external use - so why not create a stunning new patio area you can relax and unwind in this Summer? Ideal for those barbecue parties and family get-togethers.




What do you think to the terracotta trend? Will you be introducing it into your home this Summer?



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