louisa charlotte tiles collection

Expert advice from Natalie Osborn  – Deputy editor at Good Homes Magazine

We all dream of a chic, luxurious space to retreat to at the end of a hard day, and luckily enough, the recipe for a boutique-style bathroom is an easy one to follow…


louisa charlotte tiles collection


Start with the largest, show-stopping element: in most schemes this will be the bath. Celebrate it as best you can within the footprint; whether that’s bringing it into the centre of the room or sitting it underneath a sash window. At the Good Homes roomsets at the Ideal Home Show, we placed ours against a false wall, tiled in contrasting black with sleek chrome edging, to frame the tub and provide a touch of privacy (plus a handy space to balance a wine glass). However, if a decadent shower is on the cards, you can highlight the area with a visual change of pace with tiles instead – alter the direction, colour or scale.


colour scheme tips
Where possible, dedicate one entire wall to a tiled feature; this can simply be a floor-to-ceiling expanse of your must-have design, or you could have a bit of fun: break up the lines with a fun herringbone formation or add a modern touch with a raw-edged, organic layout. And finally, the latest look is to continue wooden porcelain floor tiles up on to one wall, then pair with another natural material, such as marble. This nature-inspired look feels clean and modern, yet has a timeless elegance that would suit any period of home.

Style tip
Add a subtle, sophisticated twist to a modern tiled wall, or to highlight a particular feature, with a strip of textured tiles. Remember to set them in a different formation to draw the eye.




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