If you've visited any of this year's interior styling events, such as Ideal Home Show, you'll have noticed an abundance of hexagons; particularly when it comes to decorating mediums such as tiles. Hexagons have been big news in the world of interior design so far in 2015, with the 'six-sided style' trend appearing in swanky establishments up and down the country - five-star hotels, Michelin-grade restaurants, celebrity-riddled wine bars. It will continue to be a prominent trend, but this summer, it shares the spotlight with a new shape. It's name? Provenzale.




An introduction to the provenzale shape

You might not have heard of this shape yet, but you'll probably have seen it around. It has an incredibly Moroccan / Arabesque feel to it and consists of a hypnotic blend of inverting quarter-circles, outward-facing semi-circles and protruding corners. The result? A charming, inter-locking, lantern shaped design, which is perfect for adding some Mediterranean appeal to an interior wall or floor space.




Belleza - a collection of stylish provenzale tiles

Brand new to Walls and Floors, the Belleza Tile collection combines this captivating Marakech shape with more traditional flooring options; such a cement, wood, and rustic stone. Each tile contains a grid of 4 faux provenzale shapes - allowing for a quick and easy transformation.





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