Trend Watch: Re-invent Your Garden

The garden is a place to relax and unwind in. That’s why it’s a great idea to keep it fresh and up to date. Now the Spring has arrived, it’s time to get your gloves on, rake away the debris of winter, and re-evaluate those valuable outdoor spaces. In the warm weather, your garden can act as an extension of your house. An additional room, if you will. You’ve paid for it, so use it! The following 2014 trends and tips will help you to get the most out of it…

Create an outdoor living space

This April, make sure there’s a space in your garden where you can sit and relax. Whether it’s a decked area, or a tiled patio, make sure you’ve set aside a bit of room where you can set up a couple of chairs and a coffee table.


You can even buy waterproof sofas that are perfectly fine to leave outside. Add some colourful cushions and a parasol, to protect you in case it rains, and viola! You’ve got you’ve an extra room – an outdoor one!


Staying warm

Although we’re into Spring now and the Summer months are on their way, there’s no denying there’s an occasional nip in the air. But that doesn’t need to put you off going out in the garden! Buy yourself some outdoor heating. The smoking ban back in 2007 created a boom in the development of outdoor heating systems. They don’t have to be expensive. You can buy a small patio heater for as little as £120.

lrgscale12049 Patio Heater 9.9kW_medium

Alternatively, if you’d prefer something you don’t have to plug in, why not go for a chiminea? Or, for a more modern approach, why not try a firepit? You can buy one of those for just £30!


Bee kind

2014 is all about taking care of our fuzzy, buzzy, stripy friends! Homes around the UK are introducing habitats into their gardens for bees to make their homes in. We don’t seem to realise just how important bees are to our environment. They are so prolific at pollinating plants and vegetation, in fact, that approximately one in three bites of food in the UK comes from a plant that has been pollinated by a bee.

Bumblebee on flower

Unfortunately, our bees are dying out. They are close to becoming an endangered species, and experts say we have less than ten years to help save them before they die out completely.

What can we do to help?

- Stop using insecticides. These either deter bees, or kill them off completely.
- Invite bee-friendly plants into your garden. Bees need pollen and nectar to help nourish the colony – so introduce plants that are high in both.
- Create habitats in your garden where the bees can make their home. You can pick up a bee hive for £29.99 from Not on the High Street.


Alternatively, make your own, and stamp your own creative touch on your home! Here’s a handy guide on how to make a bee hotel.


Drink the fruits of your labour

The trend of drinking smoothies and juice cocktails has never been more popular. With the health benefits very apparent, and the costs of fruit rising in the supermarket, why not grow your own? The troubling economical times have re-ignited a spark of self-sufficiency in homes throughout the country.

Buy a blackcurrant vine and some edible berry bushes – maybe even a small apple tree. Grow a real mix of textures and flavours. Each year, as the plants grow, they’ll produce more fruit. They’re not only great for blending – they’re also perfect for baking into pies!

So what do you thin to those trends? Are there any others you’ve picked up on? What will be happening in your garden this Spring? Will you give it a makeover, or perhaps even create a new patio area with some outdoor tiles? Let us know via Facebooktwitter or Google+. Better still, leave a comment below!



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