Obscure shapes are constantly coming in and out of fashion - but hexagons are here to stay. Already appearing in some the the flashiest, trendiest establishments in the UK, from exclusive hotels through to swanky restaurants and bars, hexagons are a fundamental part of interior design, and will continue to be so through the coming years.

There's something about the six-sided shape that interior stylists go mad for. The way they slot together so perfectly; building these elaborate, eye-catching honeycomb displays. In this month's Trend Watch, we'll take a look through the various different styles of hexagon tile available.


Vintage Quarry Hexagons


kitchen hexagon tiles


Taken straight out of the ritzy, extravagant Victorian era, these Unglazed Hexagon Tiles make a great addition to any floor space. In both the Victorian and Edwardian periods, quarry tiles were a popular choice for floors. Made from clay, they're robust, easy to install, and have an expensive, of-the-earth feel. But the Victorians soon grew tired of dull square tiles, and began to experiment with other interesting shapes. It was in this slurry of innovation that hexagon tiles took off. Striking and unique, they allowed you to very easily piece together an awe-inspiring floor area.


black quarry unglazed tile


With all the rustic charm and appeal of the Victorian period, today's Unglazed Hexagon Quarry Tiles are perfect for re-capturing that lavish, exclusive vintage feel. For a truly eye-catching arrangement, combine black with white to create a monochrome, chequered effect.


matiere hexagon tiles lounge


hexagon floor tiles bathroom


Honeycomb Tiles


honeycomb mosaic effect hexagonal tiles


If you happen to be an aficionado of the horticultural variety, you'll know that this Summer has been all about embracing the Great British bee. The general gardening effort has been geared towards helping prolong this dwindling species. What better way to celebrate the bee than to invite these stunning honeycomb tiles into your home? A blend of rich, inviting colours, they have a shimmering gloss finish; as if the pods are filled with oozing, succulent honey. They're perfect for making small spaces seem bigger, and for bringing extra definition to dull wall spaces.


honeycomb mosaic tiles


Hexagon furniture


Hexagonal shelf


Once you've got your hexagon backgrounds in place, keep an eye out for some hexagon-themed furniture to compliment it. A lot of furniture companies can make bespoke hexagon pieces for you. The stunning floating shelves above can be found on Etsy.com.


Patterned Hexagon Tiles

The hexagonal shape is just the start of it. Don't be afraid to work with hexagon tiles that have that little something extra. These Matiere Hexagon Tiles have a mix of exciting Moroccan-esque patterns. The scrolling designs look almost Medieval. They're perfect for bringing a weathered, rustic, characterful appearance to your walls!


hexagon pattern tiles


Textured Hexagon Tiles

When working with a plain wall space, you may want to add some texture, to help bring the space to life. Textured Hexagon Tiles are the perfect way to achieve this, and are bang-on trend! From the Matiere Hexagon Tiles range, these Carton Tiles have a grooved, corrugated surface. To really mix things up a bit, apply them with the grooves pointing in different directions.


bar hexagon tiles


textured hexagon wall tiles


Wood Effect Hexagon Tiles

Similarly, these Arbre Tiles from our selection of Matiere Hexagon Tiles have a strikingly lifelike wood grain impression embedded into them. Picture cutting a log in half. The beautiful rings you'd seen are captured perfectly on the surfaces of these tiles. Again, they are great for adding texture to otherwise bland wall spaces, and come in various different colours.


monochrome hexagon tiles dining room


wood effect hexagon tiles


So what do you make of the Hexagon Trend? Will you be introducing it into your home any time soon?



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