Spring has arrived bringing with it the new interior trends for 2014. Think Spring is all about pastel colours? Think again! We’ve rounded up our favourite trends set for this spring to give you a bit of inspiration! After all, it is the Season of Transformation!


Dark Rooms

Black living room wall


Come over to the dark side! We know that spring is typically associated with light refreshing colours, but why not go dark?! You wouldn’t believe the effect of applying darker tones onto your walls can have! Dark, dominant and moody interiors believe it or not can actually make your room look bigger! The colour creates the illusion of receding walls. Try complimenting dark spaces by using Metallic accessories to create a dramatic ambience!


Beautiful Blues

Calming blue decor scheme


Blues will feature heavily this year from rich navy tones, sapphire, royal, cobalt, electric to light pastel tranquil egg blues. People always associate blue as a cold colour best used in Bathrooms, and we can say yes if you want a serene, calm and clean looking bathroom, blue is great! However, what people don’t tend to realise is that the colour blue is more versatile than they think!


Don’t limit blue to just your bathroom, blue can actually make a room look warm and undisturbed! The use of rich dark blue tones have hues of red in them which in effect help transform your space into a cosy one at that! The same goes for colder blues which have hints of yellow, they have the tendency to make walls recede, giving you the illusion of a bigger space! Light blues help anchor neutral palettes too. Have you ever thought of using cool blues on your floors?



Another more specific shade of blue, Turquoise is sure to make an appearance this year. Full of personality, creativity and character, Turquoise is a fun loving, in your face colour that will breathe new life into your home this spring!

Ethnical Prints

Prints have been a vast trend for quite some time from floral, animal to Aztec prints! So what’s next? All set for 2014, introduce cool earthy Ethnical Prints into your home. Accessorise with rugs, cushions and curtains to break up a bland or boring space!


Light Wood



Light woods are also making an appearance this year with oaky, honey and cherry tones which have been growing steadily over that last few years. So ditch the dark and go for light wood!




Wanting a classic interior with the addition of something unique? Try Brass, Copper or Bronze! The Brass trend as been building over the past year, it’s vintage and timeless quality when done right, looks absolutely stunning! If you’re looking to adopting the brass trend, 2014 is the year to do it! With the popularity in brass and copper bath tubs, taps and bathroom piping along with kitchen lamps and pots and pans! We give it the thumbs up!


Take a look at our #DIYResolutions winner Jenny Ousbey, teamed with her husband they took on the copper trend, transforming their bathroom from eek to chic! They used our White Chapel 200x100mm Metro tiles with industrial copper piping detailing. Their design was simple, modern with a twist of vintage charm. Amazing result!


Bring the outdoors indoors!

A new trend creeping in for spring 2014 is the blurred boundaries between what’s outdoors and indoors. Designers have started creating outdoor designs for the indoors! So bring in more plants, create more textures around your home with rocks, pebbles or even make a wall feature from them!


Defined colours

You can say this spring is the season of colour play! Along with Pantones Spring predictions, the Ombre revolution went global last year and now it’s back! If you’re not familiar with the term Ombre, the trend is a colour technique whereby one colour flows seamlessly into the next essentially creating a gradient effect. We saw it on the catwalk, hair colour and of course interior design.


However, for 2014 the Ombre trend has taken a step forward! Instead of colours seamlessly flowing or blending together, colours are becoming more defined by showing the boundaries of how colours move from one tone to the next. You could say it’s basically like a Dulux colour chart!


Pantone: Spring Colour Trend Report 2014

Celosia is infused with warm coral tones with a dash of peach making it beautifully bold, optimistic and a spontaneous colour that is definitely one to adopt this spring!




Like the setting sun, try pairing Celosia Orange with Violet Tulip, a dusty vintage purple perfect for all you hopeless romantics out there, but also a colour of wistful nostalgia. Combine Celosia Orange and Violet Tulip with the addition of either white or black to really make those colours pop!




The name says it all with Dazzling Blue, a scintillating, bold and energetic colour alike Radiant Orchid. Both colours work well with pastel tones and ooze confidence when used with other vibrant colours.




Inspired by the tropics, Freesia will illuminate your interiors this spring bringing the suns warmth and energy straight into your home.




Why not combine Freesia with a dash of spice with Cayenne?




What’s spring without a dash of green? Hemlock is a summery ornamental peppermint green, a pastel shade which works well with more confident colours.




Even a neutral like Paloma is a sophisticated colour confident enough to be used alone and compliments most colours.




A picture perfect blue, like a reassuring sky, Placid Blue is undoubtedly peaceful, calming and tranquil. It will soothe your soul…


What do you think to these trends?



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