The Summer is here, and so is your monthly dose of Trend Watch! This June, it's time to invite a fresh new look into your home and garden! You only have to look around you to pick up on the Summer trends - in shops, in restaurants, in trendy bars. A big one we're noticing here at Walls and Floors is stone.


The idea of inviting the outdoors indoors has been growing for a while now, but this Summer, it has really come into blossom! In this edition of Trend Watch, we'll look at the different types of stone you can introduce into your home, as well as the different designs of stone coverings that are available (be it mosaics, splitface or simple stone slabs)! We'll also take a look at alternatives to natural stone.


A guide to stone

Think that stone is just stone? Think again! There are several types of natural stone! They're found in different locations around the world, and are extracted in different ways. Here are a few:



Usually light in colour - either a pale grey or cool cream - Limestone is perfect for brightening up living area floors or exterior spaces - as seen here.


granite quartz tiles


Consisting of a real mixture of different-coloured pigments, granite usually has a sparkling, glittery skin; great for reflecting the light! Above, it has been embedded with quartz and specks of mirror to create a glistening floor tile.





Commonly a gorgeous cream colour, which sometimes strays into dark brown, travertine consists of a beautifully varied, multi-toned structure - with pulsing waves of contrast swooping across its surface. Great for adding definition to interior walls and floors.





Why not start with a clean slate? This stunning natural material can come in any colour - from light greys through to browns, through to greens and blacks! It typically has an uneven, defined structure.



Probably one of the most well-known types of stone, and popular since the Roman times when it filled their extravagant palaces, Marble captivates with its unique, unpredictable veining. Whether white on black or vice versa, the hypnotic, free-flowing lines and changes in tone add real definition to wall and floors spaces.


Get creative with Stone Tiles

Long gone are the days where plain stone slabs were the only option. Now, you can get natural stone tiles of various different thicknesses - allowing you to mount them on walls, and cut them to fit awkward spaces. Natural stone mosaics are a great option:


persian stone effect mosaic tiles


Powerful Stone Mosaics

These brick-bond Persian Stone Mosaic Tiles come on mesh sheets, making it easy to fix them to a wall. Then you just need to apply the grout! They're easy to cut to size (you just snip through the mesh), and look great behind the kitchen counter.




Modernistic Splitface Magic

Splitface Tiles are another stylish and contemporary way to display natural materials. These Splitface Mosaic Tiles are made from slate. They're available in a host of different colour variations - from rustic brown, through to white, green and black!


Realistic Alternatives: The Appeal of Stone Effect Tiles

As great and as varied as natural stone tiles are, they do require some sealing and maintenance. For a completely maintenance free option, why not try Stone Effect Tiles? With the latest High Definition printing technology, you'd be hard-pressed to tell real from fake.


What do you think to this latest trend? Will you be inviting stone tiles into your home?



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