Trend Watch with Louisa Charlotte

Each month, Trend Watch picks up on an exciting trend from the world of interior design. This October, we’ll be presenting four eye-catching trends, as chosen by our exclusive designer Louisa Charlotte.

Indigo Rush

A rich and moody theme made up of a mixture of different design styles to create an exquisite beautiful edge. It has variations of traditional, geometrical, oriental influences. This year Indigo Rush not only features in the biggest fashion houses on the catwalk but in the home. Deep shades of indigo and navy mixed with white add a bold, dramatic touch to any room yet incorporate subtle elegant undertones.

indigo hexagon tiles

Our Affaire Hexagon Tiles combine this year’s hottest trends. They incorporate both Indigo Rush and the Six-Sided Style Hexagon trend, which we covered earlier in the year.


Our stunning Tangier Floor Tiles are bang on trend, too! They have an aged, traditional effect; whilst sporting geometrical and oriental Moroccan-esque patterns and designs.

Stunning temper

Finally, we have a trend that welcomes surreal experimentation with materials and forms – it’s time to get playful with your interiors. This fanciful theme gives all that is quirky and wonderful the chance to express itself. Powerful, bold monochrome surfaces combined with texture is teamed with potent colour progressions that cover furniture, objects and entire walls. Surfaces containing effusive designs highlight this truly playful mix and allow you to have fun.


Here, we’ve combined our bold, monochrome Zeinah Tiles with our textured Jannah Wood Effect Tiles – perfectly capturing the trend’s full effect.

Get inventive with colours! The cheerful, playful colour palette associated with the Stunning Temper trend includes: leafy reseta, zesty mandarin, rich red, succulent raspberry, tasteful teal, hazy grey, and soft apricot. We have a whole spectrum of different colours available in our Metro and Marvel tile collections.

Nature’s Prescription

This trend is all about creating a more natural feeling in your home, by inviting wood and stone effects inside – as well as other textured or weathered surfaces. The idea is to allow yourself to feel closer to nature, without having to venture outside. Particularly useful in the winter months, when it’s too cold to sit in the garden, or to take a stroll around a country park. The specific goal is to create an area you can relax, unwind, replenish and reflect in. In an age when our living rooms are taken over by 50-inch TV screens, home cinema speaker towers, and iPad charging docks, it’s nice to be able to bring that natural effect into a living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. It’s nice to feel closer to raw materials like wood or stone – materials we don’t get to see in their natural settings as much as we would like to. So prescribe yourself some nature this season!



Retro Residence

Dated decor is where it’s at this season. Make your home both chic and groovy with a modernistic touch. Remember, sometimes less is more. Warming hues, unique furnishings, and blocks of colour teamed with elements of texture, this trend is guaranteed to give your home a nostalgic feel with an extremely upmarket twist. The use of a stone finish on the floor draws a playful appearance back to an organic and urban finish, so you can relax with ease. Our Gorgon Tiles have been used in the image below.


Will you be inviting any of these trends into your home this season? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+ or leave a comment below!


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