Unclutter Your Home with these Clever Storage Solutions

Spring is the time of year where we like to tidy up around the home – to make it feel nice and fresh, ready for the Summer time, when our guests are likely to come round more often for garden parties and get-togethers. So it’s time to do away with all that clutter we’ve managed to amass over the winter months! We’ve put together some clever storage ideas to help you free up those floor spaces and surfaces!

Camouflaged Book Shelving

If you’re a bookworm or a box-set fan, and you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with stacks of paperbacks or DVDs, then invest in some boxed shelving! You can pick them up from IKEA for a pretty good price. They can fill any amount of free wall space, and offer endless pigeon-holes for hiding away clutter!

Top tip: Choose shelving that matches the colour of your wall. If you can’t find one, then paint it! This camouflaged shelving will melt into the backdrop, making it less noticeable, and making the room seem larger.

A Pop of Colour

Alternatively, if you’re trying to introduce a bright accent hue into your home, then the bookcase is the perfect place to enforce this! Get the brightly-coloured paint out, and give your bookcase a couple of coats! The one below is from the French Bedroom Company.

Handbags and the Rags

If you’re tired of being overwhelmed with piles of gossip magazines and TV guides, but you don’t like the look of a traditional magazine rack, try this Felt Magazine Holder from Not on the High Street. Made from felt, and shaped like a handbag, it fits neatly down the side of the sofa to keep your vital reading materials close at hand!


The ottoman is the must-have living area and bedroom accessory of 2015. A rectangular box, padded in material, it is taking pride of place in the centre of key rooms; often replacing the humble coffee table. Unlike a coffee table, the ottoman is essentially a chest, with a hollow inside that is perfect for storage. Keep everything from cushions to children’s toys hidden away inside. We love this patterned ottoman from Loaf.com.

Under Bed Storage

Take full advantage of that slim gap beneath the bed with a woven storage basket or ten. Get one that’s as tall as possible, whilst still being able to slide comfortably beneath your bed; this will give you as much storage space as possible. These under-bed baskets are perfect for storing linen, winter wear, and even shoes! Preferably, get one with a lid to help keep dust at bay. Try The Basket Company.

A New Kitchen Focal Point

Turn your kitchen clutter into an easily-accessible piece of wall art! Simply fix a perforated board to your wall, invest in some hooks, and arrange all of your pots, pans and utensils onto it. You can even attach jam jars in which to store your cutlery! This will free up your valuable cupboard and surface space, whilst keeping all your vital accessories in one place. Never again will you say, ‘where did I put that away?’

Hanging Around

If you’ve got a street-facing garden, and your bikes aren’t safe to leave outside, you’ll likely end up leaving them in the hallway, where they obstruct you when you’re entering or leaving the house. If you’ve got an empty, wide-open space beneath your stairs, then we’ve got a great bike storage solution for you! Install some hooks, and hang them upside down. This keeps the floor area clear, for when you’re hoovering, etc.

Drawer space

If you’ve got a lot of wasted space beneath your stairs, get a storage fitting company in to install some fitted drawers! That way, you’ll get full use of the empty space, and you can stow away all the clutter! Shoes, boardgames, winter clothes, etc.

Arty and Crafty

For the arts and crafts lovers amongst you, who have endless shoe boxes full of ribbon, threads, fabric scraps, we recommend this Fleur Eight-Draw Cabinet from Habitat. Its little drawers are perfect for stashing away your little nick-knacks.

Gardener’s World

If you like to spend time in your garden, you’ll know how easy it is to accumulate clutter. From folding patio chairs, through to wellies, sheers and watering cans. And come the winter, it all needs a place to go! Usually the shed is full, so that’s where garden boxes come in handy. It’s essentially a wooden chest that you sit against the wall. You can fill it full of all your garden gizmos, and then padlock it shut for security. The best garden boxes are the ones that are disguised as benches, so they have dual practicality.