When winter is here, the nights are long and cold. That’s where Underfloor Tile Heating comes in handy. It’s a craze that’s sweeping the nation, and helping to keep our homes warm and cosy all year round...


underfloor heating


What is underfloor tile heating?

So what is underfloor tile heating exactly? Well, it’s electric matting that you put under your tiles, and it heats them up. You control it from a thermostat – like you would your central heating. In fact, we have a really nifty Seven-Day Programmable Thermostat for added control – you can even heat specific areas of your room with the use of multiple stat.

These underfloor heating mats are extremely economical, so you can save on the energy bills with Underfloor electric heating. They heat up your room, so you can turn off those costly radiators. There are no cold or hot spots – the heat is distributed evenly. It’s completely maintenance free.


underfloor heating


How do I install it?

Installing your underfloor tile heating mates isn't too hard at all. We’ve even created some easy-to-use kits which contain everything you need to achieve underfloor tile heating in your home - whether it's in your bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom. There are also lots of handy video tutorials online. You'll need to get the final wiring checked by an electrician to activate your warranty.

If you don't fancy installing the underfloor heating yourself, don't worry - most tilers will be comfortable installing it for you, and they will have fitted dozens if not hundreds of systems before, so you'll be in safe hands! When calling to book a tiler, ask them if they can install underfloor heating for you.

Click here for further Frequently Asked Questions about Underfloor Tile Heating.


So are you ready to transform your home into stylish plaza of cutting-edge luxury? Take a look at our selection of under floor tile heating.



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