This March, we want to help you Unlock Your Dream Home! When you get home from work or the shops, and you unlock that front door, and throw it open, we want you to see room after room of beautiful, glamorous, inspiring interior decorating. From the hallway, through to the kitchen, to the bathrooms, the living area, and the bedrooms.


wood effect tiles vintage


Tiles can be used in every room in the house. They're affordable, easy to install, and come in an exciting variety of different designs; from warm, realistic wood effects, through to authentic stone effects, sleek bevelled brick shapes, room-stealing Moroccan patterns, and trendy show-stopping hexagons. There are endless styles and textured finishes. Best of all, tiles are hard-wearing and add value to your home. They're also easy to wipe clean - should your tipsy friend knock over a glass of rosé, or should your dog traipse in a trail of mud and leaves through the house, or should your toddler go on a rampage with a felt pin pen.


patchwork mosaic tiles


Unlock Your Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where we fix our breakfasts on a weekday morning, and sit around and eat together. It's where we grab a coffee when our friend comes over for a chat. It's where we lovingly perfect our family meals in the evenings.


It's important that the kitchen is fit for purpose, but it also needs to look nice. It needs an easily wipeable floor, for when the dog spills its water, or for when we miss the bin when discarding an empty egg shell. But it also needs protected walls, to keep the stray pan fat from sinking into the plasterboard. Tiles are perfect for both these vital roles.


kitchen tiles


Use tiles to create a kitchen splashback. What's a splashback, you ask? It's a wipeable surface that stands behind a hob or sink, to catch any specks of water or cooking oil. Traditionally, splashbacks are uninteresting plain glass sheets. But we think using tiles as a splashback allows you to introduce more character. For example, the Talasni Wave Effect Tiles in the image above create an artistic, undulating design that flows along the entire length of the workspace, and looks textured and decorative. Alternative, for a sleek and simple approach, you could use smooth metro tiles.


Add character to the floor by introducing captivating Moroccan designs - in colour or in monochrome. Arabesque Tiles allow you to create an elaborate patchwork of decorative, eye-catching patterns - perfect for transforming a dull space into a lively statement floor. These Kutlu Tiles have just come in, and they're suitable for both walls and floors - allowing you to transform a kitchen from top to bottom!


kutlu tiles


Unlock Your Dream Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where we like to relax and recuperate after a hard day at work. We run a bath, we get in, and we lay and soak. Transform your bathroom into a luxurious, reviving sanctuary with the introduction of the raw materials trend. If you haven't heard about this yet, it's the concept of introducing natural materials into an interior space, to help us feel closer to nature. The aim of which is to create a soothing, wholesome ambience - in which we feel more at ease, and can de-stress faster.


textured grey bathroom tiles


Thanks to advancements in technologies, tiles now come in a variety of authentic guises; realistic wood effects and stone effects. But what are the benefits of using mocks over the real thing?


Stone effect tiles are much cheaper than natural stone. They don't require all maintenance - which involves the buying of various treatments and sealers. They're usually easier to work with, too. Whilst cutting natural stone, you might hit a bad spot, and the stone might shatter - whilst with porcelain or ceramic, you'll usually get a nice, clean cut. These Tavrezh Travertine Effect Tiles have a realistic linear linear design.


realistic travertine effect tiles bathroom


Wood Effect Tiles are more robust than natural wooden floorboards. They don't mark, scratch or stain as easily, and they don't require annual treatment. Plus, it's never advisable to have bare boards in a bathroom - the water will seep through the cracks. That makes Wood Effect Tiles the perfect candidate when inviting a wood-based theme into a bathroom area. We have dozens of stylish wood effect designs to choose from; all with realistic wood-grain, knots and textured surfaces. From traditional planks, through to powerful parquet designs and elaborate statement artwork (such as the striking Estrellar Wood Effect Tiles below).


estrellar statement floor wood effect tiles



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