The kitchen is an area we spend a lot of time in, as a nation. It's the place where we fix our breakfast, first thing in the morning - and maybe chat to our loved ones over toast, before setting out to work. It's where we slave away over a meal, when we get in. It's where we grab a coffee, when our friends come over for a catch-up. It's where we pour a glass of rose after a stressful day at the office. It's where we scrub at our dishes and, usually, it's where we sort out the laundry.


If the living room is the social hub of the home, then the kitchen is the practical hub - the place where things get done. For that reason, it's important that the kitchen works on two levels. It has to be practical - void of any clutter that might get in the way whilst we go about our daily tasks. But also, it needs to look good - it needs to be stylish and aesthetically pleasing - not just for us, but for our guests, too.


Country kitchen tiles


Here at Walls and Floors, we want to help you Unlock Your Dream Home. When you step through your front door, we want you to be stepping into a home you're happy with in every way. A stylish home you can be proud of - a home that looks just the way you want it to. That's why we're tackling one room at a time, and taking you through all the latest interior design trends and decorating ideas. We've already shown you how to Unlock Your Dream Bathroom, how to Unlock Your Dream Living Area and how to Unlock Your Dream Garden. Now we're turning out attention to the kitchen! Here are some fantastic kitchen design ideas you can use to Unlock Your Dream Kitchen!


Inject Some Fun: Add A Chalkboard

One major design trend you'll notice if you flick through the likes of Living etc and Ideal Home is the introduction of chalkboard areas into kitchens. It's a playful theme that links back to the chalkboard menus found in cafes and canteens. You can buy chalkboard paint in pretty much any DIY store. Paint a plain wall, buy a pack of chalk from Wilco or ASDA, and get creative!


Chalk board in kitchen


Make Life Easier: Kitchen Design Hacks

We've searched the deepest bowels of the internet to find you some useful Kitchen Design Hacks - little nick-nacks to install around your kitchen, to massively help out with daily tasks! First up, there's the bottle rod. Buy an extendable blind pole from a homeware shop, and fit it in the cupboard under the sink, where you keep all your cleaning products. You can hang the bottles by their triggers - leaving room on the base for baskets, where you can neatly store away your cloths, packets of wipes, tea towels and other bits and pieces.


kitchen design hack


Next up, an ingenious way to keep those pot and pan lids tucked neatly away! Pot lids are incredibly awkward to store. They're perfectly circular, so they're prove to rolling away if you stack them vertically. But you can't stack them horizontally either, due to the knob. So you're left with an untidy, leaning tower. We've found a better way. Go and buy a couple of short towel rails. Shorter than the width of your cupboard doors. Using screws that are shorter than the depth of your cupboard doors (so that the tips don't protrude through the other side), fix the towel rails to the inside of the cupboard door. Then, slot in your pan lids! The knobs will catch on the rail, preventing them from falling through. And there you have it - an easily-accessible, tidy way to stash your pan lids.


kitchen life hack


Pendant Lights

Another major interior design trend, pendant lights are appearing in some of the trendiest interiors throughout the UK. With their lengthy cords, they are perfect for breaking up open plan areas, and sit best above a breakfast bar. When it comes to pendant lights, the more interesting, the better! They're a great way of injecting character and personality into a room.


rustic pendant lights kitchen


Get creative with your splashback

For a kitchen full of interest and intrigue, move away from the boring option of having a plain glass or aluminium splashback. Be more creative, and use wall tiles. There are thousands of materials, designs and colours to choose from. Here are some of our favourites uses of tiles as kitchen splashbacks! Firstly, hexagon tiles. Hexagons are big news in the world of interior design right now. So hexagonal mosaics add a contemporary, compact and stylish look to any wall area.


Aspect hexagon tiles


Secondly, white metro tiles in a Herringbone layout. We love home owners who aren't afraid to break the mould of laying tiles end-to-end and row-by-row. That's why the Herringbone pattern is this year's must-have layout. Click this link for more kitchen splashback ideas using wall tiles.


Introduce a log pile

The idea of introducing natural materials, textures and surfaces into a room setting has been prominent in the world of interior styling for some time now. This is usually achieved in the form of wood effect or stone effect flooring. However, there is another incredibly modern and trendy way of inviting raw, natural wood into an interior area. The logpile.


Log pile in kitchen


With the boom in the use of wood burners and stoves over the last five years, logpiles are becoming a common addition to a kitchen or living area. But often they're hidden away in trunks or hampers. Free the logs! Have them on show. Stack them up high for all to see. Fill empty crevices from ceiling to floor, fill a disused fireplace, or fill an empty cupboard section and un-hinge the door. Logpiles are perfect for adding that natural, earthy, cosy feel into the colour scheme of an interior setting. Even if you don't have a burner, introduce a log pile anyway!


Add a geometric statement floor

If you're worried your kitchen is looking a little plain, then adding a statement floor is the ultimate way to inject some colour and personality. A statement floor consists of using striking patterned tiles to transform your floor into the main focal point of the room - turning all attention downwards, which is great if you're working to a budget, because you'll be able to leave the rest of the room looking fairly plain. The strong, striking statement floor will give the room all the personality it needs! Since geometric patterns are one of the UK's biggest interior design trends for 2015 and 2016, we're recommend using one of these geometric designs...


geometric floor kitchen tiles


The striking Grafham B design above is part of our collection of Old Victorian Tiles and is perfect for adding some period charm to a kitchen area.


geometric moroccan tiles


The same pattern in three different sizes, these Harika Tiles allow you to piece together a captivating patchwork design.


moresque encaustic tiles


These encaustic effect Naklo Tiles have a strong Medieval design - ideal for adding a grande look into an interior area. For more geometric ideas, click this link.


We hope you've found these kitchen design ideas inspiring, and we hope they help you to Unlock Your Dream Kitchen. If you know one of your friends is thinking about doing up their kitchen, feel free to share this post below!



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