Upcoming tile trends for 2014: The most in-vogue tiles

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Pick a pattern

Pattern Tiles are all the rage in 2014. No matter which home magazine you pick up, from cover to cover you will see an array of stylish pattern tiles! From simple floral designs through to complex, geometric Moroccan feature pieces, there’s no denying that pattern tiles are taking the interior world by storm!

kamal pattern tiles

Let us take you through a few winning tile choices:

zara arabesque tiles

1) With a gold-leaf effect, these Arabesque – Zara Tiles will certainly add the Midas Touch to your walls!


2) A gorgeous chocolate brown, these floral Cantabria Feature Tiles also sport an eye-catching, patterned design! They appeared in a recent copy of Grand Designs Magazine.


3) Part of our selection of Moroccan Tiles, these Zellij Patchwork Effect Tiles will bring a statement floor into your home! A mixture of 26 different designs, they allow you to piece together a truly varied display.

Shack – the new shabby-chic?

A major trend for bathrooms in 2014 is ‘Shack’. It’s all about creating heavily wood-based areas; resembling a shack, or a beach hut. With its roots in the shabby-chic trend, most ‘Shack’ designs have a slightly weathered, rustic effect.


We have a host of aged, weathered wood effect tiles; perfect for creating this look…


1) Create a white-wash backdrop to your room with the addition of these gorgeous Buccino Tiles. They featured in Grand Designs Magazine, and are perfect for any room in the house! You can even put them in the bedroom.


2) These large format Crate Wood Effect Floor Tiles have a slightly worn, faded effect – ideal for inviting the ‘Shack’ effect into your home. They’re brand new for 2014.


3) Our Antique Wood Effect Tiles also have an aged, rustic appearance. Alive with ripples and nots, they’re extremely realistic. Your guests will be hard-pressed to realise they’re not real wood. They’ll think you have a lovingly reclaimed floor! These stunning tiles will add real character to your home.


4) Made to look like chopped logs, these stunning Lumber Wood Effect Tiles are part of our selection of Cabin Tiles. With a realistic wood design, they’re perfect for introducing the ‘Shack’ effect to your home.

Monochrome: It’s black and white

As ever, feature walls play a big part in the trends of 2014; having three moderately plain walls (usually the same colour) and then one stand-out wall with a striking, captivating design on it. This year, it’s all about monochrome feature walls – black and white feature designs.


Let us take you through some of our favourite monochrome feature pieces:

isadore feature tile

1) For a room-stealing floral display, why not try these Black on White Isadore Tiles? From world-renowned designer Laura Ashley, the sprawling efflorescent vine design is guaranteed to catch the attention of your guests! Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom – or even for creating a feature wall in the living room or bedroom!

isadore tiles

2) Alternatively, for the inverted version, try these White on Black Isadore Tiles from the same stunning Laura Ashley range. They will create a darker feature wall in your home.


3) You can even piece together your own enchanting monochrome display with our selection of stylish Chambray Tiles from British Ceramic Tile (BCT). A mixture of black and white floral feature tiles, they’re perfect for creating an eye-catching monochrome feature wall!

silver kitchen splashback

4) If you want to create a focal point in a kitchen area, then why not add a splashback? This Silver Splashback fits in perfectly with 2014′s monochrome theme!

Undulating surfaces: Making waves in your home

Another trend that’s taking the UK by storm this year is the use of undulating surfaces. Don’t know what undulating means? Here’s a definition:

1. To cause to move in a smooth wavelike motion.
2. To give a wavelike appearance or form to.

The trend is all amount creating texture and the appearance of movement in your home.


We have a variety of tiles with an undulating, wavelike design. Take a look through the products below, and get inspired:


1) Part of our contemporary Corbello Tiles collection, these Textured White Gloss Tiles sport a spectacular wave design. The undulating white strips rise and sink from the surface of the tile; creating a smooth wavelike effect. They have a woven quality about them.


2) These Light Grey Wave Deco Tiles have a softer, more natural ripple effect; like waves have chipped away at stone over a very long period of time. Fresh from our selection of Ditto Tiles, they’re available in three different colours.


3) Even leading manufacturers Johnson Tiles have cottoned onto the wave trend. They’ve created these Wave Charcoal Tiles – part of the impressive Tones-Effects Tile range.

The material of the year

There are many materials to choose from, when it comes to picking a tile. But only one has been labelled the material of the year, and that is porcelain. So what’s so great about porcelain? Well for one thing, it’s a very versatile material. Great for shaping realistic stone and wood effect designs; complete with grooves, knots and crevices. It responds very well to the latest HD printing processes. For another thing, it’s extremely durable; perfect for floors throughout the home! Unlike any other wall or floor covering, a good porcelain tile can last a lifetime. Wallpaper? Forget it. It fades. The paste renders useless after a few years, and the paper coils over in the corner; strip after strip. Paint? It captures grease, and discolours too easily. Carpets? They’re completely ruined at the drop a wine glass, and the tread wears very thin after no time at all. Lino? Oh, please. It warps terribly, and you end up with lumps and bumps all over the place.

It’s safe to say, porcelain tiles are the most robust type of covering around. They do indeed last a lifetime, and for that reason, they’re a great investment for the future. When you come to sell your house, they will still be there, in mint condition, exactly as they were when they were first laid.

A couple of porcelain favourites:

polished porcelain tiles

1) Piece together a contemporary floor space in your home with the addition of these stunning Polished Porcelain Tiles. Available in three chic colours, they have a high-gloss polished finished; perfect for adding a bit of gleam and shimmer to your floors. As the name suggests, they are 100% porcelain – so incredibly durable. Use a single colour, or mix and match for an interesting, varied display.

2) Talking about mixing and matching, our Unicolour Tiles are perfect for creating a chequerboard design in your home! Popular in the Victorian era, this will instantly bring that sought-after period look to your floors. And, of course, they’re made from porcelain – the material of the year! Put these Unicolour Tiles in your kitchen, bathroom or living area, and they will last a lifetime!

Article by Callum Chester.



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