If your kitchen work space is starting to look a little dull, and you want to liven things up a little, why not update a utensil pot with self-adhesive Smart Mosaic Tiles? I've created an easy step-by-step guide...



How tyo make a smart mosaic utensil pot


What you'll need:

- Smart Mosaic Tiles (Walls and Floors)

- A utensil pot (Wilco, B&M or Dunelm)

- A cloth

- A craft knife


what you need mosaic crafts project


Step One: Get buffing!

Take the cloth and buff the utensil pot to remove any dirt or dust that might prevent the mosaics from sticking.


buffing utensil pot


Step Two: Cut the Smart Mosaics!

Lay your Smart Mosaics sheet down flat on the table, with a protective surface underneath it, such as a chopping board. Take your utensil pot and sit it length-ways on your sheet, buffered up to the edge. This will tell you where you need to cut.


line pot up with mosaics


Take your craft knife, and make a clean, straight cut between the mosaic rows. You'll be left with a strip of mosaics that is the height of your utensil pot.


cutting smart mosaic tiles


Step Three: Fix the smart mosaic tiles in place!

Take the strip of mosaics you cut, and turn it over on the table. Unpeel the backing paper from one side by an inch or so, and press the utensil pot into it - lining up the mosaics with the top and the bottom.


peel and stick smart mosaics


Slowly roll the utensil pot - unpeeling the backing paper, and pressing as you go.


sticking mosaics to utensil pot


Step Four: Fill the gap

If the strip of mosaics didn't wrap the whole way around the utensil pot and there's a gap - don't worry - you can fill it. Take the off-cut of mosaics from earlier and line it up with the gap.


filling thg mosaic utensil pot gap


Slice yourself an appropriately sized piece; one that best fills the gap.


off cut of mosaic tiles


Peel off the backing paper, and stick the piece into the gap.


smart mosaics arts and crafts diy project


If there's an excess piece overhanging at the top, simply take your craft knife and slice it off!


trim off excess smart mosaics


There you have it

And voila - you're now left with a newly-decorated utensils pot; perfect for refreshing a kitchen work surface!


utensil pot mosaic tiles

How tyo make a smart mosaic tiles utensil pot


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