How To Use Tiles to Increase the Value of Your Home

increase the value of your home

Hoping to sell your home this New Year? If you want to up that asking price, then introducing some stylish new tiles is a great way to increase the value of your home. The addition of tiles rather than flimsy wallpaper, vinyl floor coverings or a plain painted wall, can have a fab effect on the value placed on your home.


increase the value of your home

Above: Ledbury Tiles


Keeping up appearances

Think about it. When someone has taken the time to come and view your home, they’re not going to want to see faded, ripped, scratched and stained interiors – it’s not appealing and does not present your home in a favourable light.

Many buyers want a home they can move straight into, they don’t want to be doing major DIY work before they can even move in! However, a beautifully tiled bathroom, kitchen or hallway will instantly display the time and effort you have put into your home and more importantly strengthens the resale value.


value of your home tiles

Above: Muniellos Wood Effect Tiles and Italian Polished Carrara Marble Tiles


Welcome them into your home

You need to create a welcoming presence to make your house feel like a home and look inviting. Try tiling your porch, hallway floor or walls. If you don’t have to tile the whole wall from top to bottom, choose a feature wall or alternatively tile half way up the wall, and cap it with a trim.

Top tip: If you have a period home use Victorian tiles to enhance the property’s traditional style.


largo tiles

Above: Muniellos Wood Effect Tiles


Create a spa-styled bathroom

The ultimate space people go to seek a little ‘me time’. A tranquil retreat to relax within, a calm setting that allows you to clear your mind at the end of a long day. So when you’re looking to add value, a beautifully styled and tiled bathroom makes the world of difference! When choosing bathroom tiles natural stone or stone effect tiles are very aesthetically appealing materials to take into consideration.

Stone effect and natural stone tiles are popular options as they add a sense of worth, a sense of value and are always in style. More so, anti-slip tiles are a must for areas of your home that are prone to getting wet or damp and informing prospective buyers will make a lasting impression when considering your home.


Above: Delabole Slate Effect Tiles


The heart of the home

The Kitchen is the heart of your home. So, when it comes to re-decorating, it’s worth choosing quality materials in a space where we spend the most time in. Buyers especially will be looking at your kitchen space very closely, therefore quality materials are vital!

Take flooring; the higher the quality of the product the better the return on investment. Try upgrading your floor tiles and install a beautiful statement floor feature, or use large floors tiles to maximise style and minimise grout!


Above: Modele Tiles


If you’re limited for time or budget, choose some stylish and timeless styles such as mosaics, metros or patterned tiles and create an eye-catching splashback above your worktops.

Top tip: tiles don’t always have to be applied horizontally, try tiling techniques such as Herringbone, Horizontal Block or Vertical block to help your walls stand out!


Above: Boutique Brick 250×50 Tiles 


Why choose tiles?

So if you’re still unsure as to whether tiles are right for your home, here are some of the reasons as to why tiles should be top of your list!

Ceramic or Porcelain tiles are much more durable than other materials used to cover walls and floors. They last a lifetime!

Tiles are fire resistant (especially ceramics). They don’t burn or give off any chemical fumes.


Above: Largo Tiles


Tiles are an excellent choice for use in areas of your home which are prone to getting wet or prone to a lot of moisture such as your bathroom of course! Water and moisture resistant floor tiles are especially hard-working, that’s why they work really well in heavy footed areas such as shopping centres and commercial properties. They also will not warp or break under extreme temperature conditions or when exposed to toxic chemicals.

Anti slip tiles are perfect for your bathroom or wet areas. Ceramic tiles can be treated to be anti-slip and are readily available.

You can find a lot of ceramic and porcelain tiles are frost-resistant, perfect for external use.


Above: Ivory Mix Mosaic Tiles 


When exposed to direct sunlight ceramic tiles will always keep their colour. So whatever style you choose – you can rest assure they will never fade!

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are perfect for keeping the important areas in your home hygienic. Hoover, sweep or mop regularly with water – easy maintenance!



So forget vinyl, ditch the wallpaper and turn to tiles! They last a lifetime! Make your house look presentable and inject a little bit of that well needed kerb appeal to attract those buyers!




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