Walls and Floors Donates Toys To Children's Hospital Ward

Childrens hospital ward toy donation


In mid December, Walls and Floors was approached by a local charity, KGH Charity Fund, based in Kettering, where our Head Office is located. The charity was collecting toys to donate to the children's wards at Kettering General Hospital. Dozens of children were too poorly to go home over Christmas, so to help brighten up their festive period, this charity wanted to bring in sack-fulls of toys, donated from local businesses.


The hospital stands right across the road from our building, and we offer up a section of our car park to the nurses who work there, so we were keen to help out. An email went around the building, asking for toys to be brought to the HR office. Within hours, with staff having nipped out to local supermarkets, the sofa in the HR room started to fill up with toys and gifts! Cuddly unicorns, teddy bears, selection boxes, a toy JCB, construction kits, fossil excavation sets; a complete mixture! We bagged it up, and gave it to KGH Charity Fund, to take across the road and distribute amongst the poorly children in Christmas Day.


We hope these toys helped to bring some happiness into the lives of these special, unwell little ones, and we wish them all very speedy recoveries!


Merry Christmas, from Walls and Floors!



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