Walls and Floors Loves… Match-Making Tiles!

Here at Walls and Floors we have compiled a selection of our favourite tiles sure to get you in the mood for Valentines Day! Let’s tempt you with our rich chocolate box assortment, fall in love with our Floral Bouquet collection and turn up the heat with our Radiant Red variety of wall tiles!

Chocolate Box

What is Valentines Day without a little bit of temptation? But don’t feel guilty, indulge yourself into Walls and Floors own chocolate box assortment of milk, dark and white chocolate inspired tiles that will just melt in your mouth…

Mosaics are perfect for creating the ultimate chocolate box effect! Have a taste of our Almond Swirl tiles to add a bit off nuttiness to your walls and our sweet Toffee tiles. Are you a fan of chocolate truffles? How about our irresistible Truffle Mosaic tiles? You’ll be sure to bite into its chocolaty centre!




For all you Chocoholics out there, try kerbing your cravings with our favourite Marble + Glass Chocolate Mosaics Tiles, a selection of milk chocolate, caramel and biscuit shades you won’t be able to resist!



Alternatively sink your teeth into our white chocolate inspired Opal, Pearl and Iona Mosaic Tiles.




If you’re wanting more than our moreish chocolate mosaics, why not take a nibble on these calorific chocolaty wall tiles…….Treat your self to our coco bean brown crackled wall tiles from our Cinder tile range or alternatively take a mouthful of our scrumptious hot chocolate leather brown wall tiles from our Pisa range.



If chocolate bars are more your thing, our rich burnt oak metro tiles are perfect for that smooth velvety chocolate flavour, you’ll want to break off a piece!


Fan of dark plain chocolate? Sample our Burnt Oak Tile from our Cetara range with its luxuriously rich textured chocolate coating – mouth-wateringly good!

Finding your favourite chocolate is all about sampling the best and with Walls and Floors free sample delivery and full sized samples available, let the tasting begin!!

Floral Bouquet

For a softer look, our Bouquet selection will inspire you to find the perfect flower arrangement for your home. Create a flawless look this Valentines with florals! Stunningly eye-catching, ornate and truly timeless, Floral tiles can brighten even the darkest of rooms. Try injecting floral’s as a wall feature, your walls feel truly pampered. Make a statement with our designer Louisa Charlottes Orleans tiles, grown from pure passion they radiate eternal love or how about her rosy Sologne range, picked, pruned and ready for falling in love with!


Our Laura Ashley ranges are a bolder alternative to floral designs. Perfect for adding a fresh, clean look, their black and white designs are both classic and on trend, the perfect addition to your floral bouquet!


Go for a traditional florals with our sweet-smelling Honey Suckle tiles, beautifully detailed and delicately designed, Honey Suckle will add a touch of Victorian elegance to your walls. If it’s a vintage style you’re trying to achieve, our picturesque Butterfly Tile inserts are perfect for adding hints of floral beauty combined with striking colours to your kitchen walls.


Want florals with a Moroccan twist? Our range of Hana Tiles have a stunningly intricate design and subtle cool tones of pastel blues and greens give a stylish yet tranquil connotation creating a mesmerizing effect on your walls.


Red Rose

Lust after our selection of radiant reds perfect for Valentines Day! Our red as the rose Red Crackle, Red Quartz Starlike and Linear Red Glitter tiles are sure to make you fall deeply in love and make your eyes sparkle!


Red quartz starlike


Our vast collection of lipstick red metro tiles will create a smooth velvety finish to your walls.


If you want that fusion of elegant florals with a hint of rouge, then these red feature inserts are the ideal choice for creating the perfect valentine ambience! Or why not turn to our blushing patchwork Mosaics tiles?

Brighton Regency Red Insert

rojo patchwork

So pucker up and go weak at the knees for our collection of love inspired wall tiles bursting with passion! Make your walls feel truly loved. Find the ‘one’ this Valentines Day!

Come and take a look through our inspiring tile ranges!

Article by Susie Holland.



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