Walls and Floors provide a helping hand to DIY SOS

DIY SOS has been going since 1999. One of the BBC’s most popular shows, it travels across the UK each year, in search of deserving families who are desperately in need of home renovation. The DIY SOS team, fronted by presenter Nick Knowles, comes in and – with the help of a few dozen volunteers – transforms the house from top to bottom; installing some of the latest gadgets and gizmos along the way.

The family in question

In this particular episode, the team were in Manchester, helping a young couple who certainly have their hands full! Rebecca and Steve are the parents of a very lively set of triplets! Archie, Isobel and Grace are definitely a handful – and with Steve working away for three weeks out of a month, Rebecca is left to cope on her own a lot of the time. But the house is in no fit state, and is full of hazards! It’s often cold, and there is damp on the walls. The cupboard doors often fall off, and the rest of the house is in shabby condition, too. But fear not – the DIY SOS team were on the case!

Getting involved

When we found out about this very deserving family, we were keen to help out! Here at Walls and Floors, we have admired the charitable work of DIY SOS for years, and have provided them with tiles in the past! We gave their highly-experienced interior designer the pick of our website. We said she could have whatever she wanted, to help out with this Big Build project.

The finished product

The designer made some very stylish choices. For the kitchen, she chose the Smoke Grey Tiles from our Glass Brick Mosaic collection! These miniature brick-bond pieces will bring a compact and contemporary look to any room!





Secondly, for the bathroom, the designer chose our these Beige Linear Tiles from our selection of Willow Tiles. Made by British Ceramic Tile, they will effortlessly bring a bright new look to your walls!




Wanting to add some colour to the utility room, the designer chose our captivating and modernistic St James Park 150×75 Metro Brick Tiles! They really brought the small space to life!



Another helping hand

Following our contribution to the project in Manchester, we were invited to help out again. We were more than willing!

The interior designer browsed our site for a couple of days; carefully looking over each range, and expertly sifting out which tiles would look good with the theme of the house. What would fit best? A glass tile? A ceramic one? Natural stone, wood effect? Eventually, she came back to us, wanting a couple of different colours from our selection of Glass Brick Tiles.

They are an extremely trendy and contemporary choice. They take the conventional, sought-after metro look, and take it that step further. The plate of colour wrapped in a cool glass shell adds a highly stylish and modernistic finish to any wall.

We shipped them off to the site of the Big Build, and waited to hear back. The next we heard from them, they’d received the tiles and were ecstatic about them. They said they looked even better in person than on the website!

The big reveal

Having contributed to the build, we were invited down to attend the big reveal! We were delighted. We met Nick Knowles and the rest of the team, and were taken down to the house to meet the family. They were overwhelmed as they came out of the house – and were clearly touched by the contributions of all the suppliers and volunteers who had taken part, and come together to make this renovation possible.

After the filming had finished, the family made their way around the crowd; meeting everyone who had helped out with the project. We spoke to the father, and explained that we had provided the tiles. He shook our hands and said how much he’d liked them, and how grateful he was.

Having also supplied tiles to a 60 Minute Makeover project, we never get over how warming and touching it is to see the gratitude of a very deserving family, after their home has been revealed – and we are always very glad we took part. We look forward to working with these shows again in the future, to help bring more happiness into the lives of people who have gone through very hard and difficult times.

Keep your eyes peeled for more TV appearances this year via our blog, and find out first on Facebook or twitter.

We’re also supporting Marie Curie; a charity close to Louisa Charlotte. Details to follow later this year.


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