There's not many people who haven't heard of Macmillan Cancer Support. The work they do to support the lives of families living with cancer is fantastic. They provide everything from help and advice when it comes to jobs and financing, counselling and support for those affected, and, of course, nursing support when the cancer patients need it the most. But they need constant financial support, to help keep up the great work.


On Friday 26th September 2014, they hosted the Macmillan Coffee Morning throughout the UK. Businesses and homes all over Britain could send off for their packs and get involved. On the day of the event, twitter was alive with photos of cakes, tea and coffee from participants across the nation; with the hashtags #MacmillanCoffeeMorning and #CoffeeMorning trending.




At Walls and Floors, members of our Sales Department and Customer Service Team got their teeth stuck in! They were told that if they came in fancy dress, they wouldn't have to pay anything. However, if they came in their regular mufti clothes, they'd have to pay £5 - which almost everybody did! Some members of the team even donated their entire day's commission to the cause.




Everybody was invited to bring in cakes, to sell off throughout the entire company. Several tables in the sales office were filled with delicious baked goodies; topped with icing. Priced at £1.00 for a cupcake or slice of cake, the money soon started to roll in - with managers and members of other departments coming up to make their contributions. There was a sheet where members of staff could write down their details and individual donations - allowing for Gift Aid, too.




To help boost the donations, the manager and team leaders in the Sales Team offered to do a tea run for the whole department every hour, for a price of £2.00.


At the end of the day, when everything was added up, and with very few cakes left, Walls and Floors had managed to collect £561.10 to put towards this fantastic cause. A big well done to the Sales Department and Customer Service Team for putting this together!




If you would like to donate to Macmillan to help further their brilliant efforts, click here.



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