Children in Need is one of the most famous fundraising events in the UK calendar; with it's television shows dominating our screens throughout the months of October and November. Each year, thousands of people get together to raise funds for the fantastic charities and causes supported by Children in Need. On November 14th, the spectacular televisual bonanza raises millions upon millions; showcasing some of the world's most talented artists and comedians, coming together to perform songs and comedy sketches - mixed in with touching, heart-melting appeal videos.


On Friday 14th November, the staff here at Walls and Floors came together to do their bit for this fantastic fundraiser. We took over £250 between the staff, and the company very kindly offered to double it - bringing our total to over £500!



We took on two of Children in Need's activities for the day:



#CaptainCostume called for everybody to get dressed up in fancy dress, and pay £2 to come to work looking like their character of choice. We had a dozens of staff members turn up in fancy dress; and a complete mix of different characters. We had villains, we had superheroes, we had secret agents, fairy tales and singers! Here's a picture of some of them:




From left to right, we have Walter White from Breaking bad, a minion from Despicable Me, a mermaid, Wonder Woman, a Christmas elf, Little Red Riding Hood, James Bond, Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians, Robin from Batman, a Cadbury's chocolate bar, Tina Turner, Captain America, and Len Goodman from Strictly Come Dancing.


Our director, Richard Greenbank, chose his favourite costume and awarded a £20 Nando's voucher, which was kindly donated by the company. He chose Susie, one of our designers, who was dressed up as Cruella DeVille, as the winner. Here he is awarding her the voucher:





We asked our staff members to put their baking skills to the test, and to bring in an array of cakes for us to sell throughout the company. We had a fantastic turn out, with a colourful array of delicious cupcakes and 6-slicers. There were Christmas-themed cakes, fruit cakes, sponge cakes, tarts, and donuts. Here's a selection:








Again, the company donated a £20 Nandos voucher for the nicest looking cake. Louisa Charlotte, our exclusive designer, won with her Christmas tree themed cakes!


Guess who Pudsey is!

As the staff were going about our working day, a giant yellow bear started to walk around the building; waving and striding. Nobody knew who was inside, and looked at each other in confusion as the bear passed through. It visited the Web Development Team:




Before moving into the warehouse, to help our pickers pick a few orders:








Once the bear had done its tours, an email went around the company, asking for guesses of who was inside the bear. It would cost £1 a guess, and the winner would receive £5 from the company; with all proceeds going towards Children in Need. Lots of people made a guess, and the bear was revealed to be Alison from accounts.


The total

In total, we raised over £500 towards Children in Need! We know this donation will go towards some fantastic causes, and will help to improve deserving people's lives!





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