Walls and Floors teamed up with Little Mill House for one of the room sets at the Ideal Home Show Manchester 2017. In case you missed the show, here's a look at the stunning tropical Rustic Tropical Dining Room...


tropical dining room


About Little Mill House

Natalie Lockwood is an interior designer and the founder of Little Mill House, which is an online interiors brand with a focus on upcycled products. When Natalie approached us for some flooring for a room set she was designing for Ideal Home Show Manchester, we were only too happy to help out! We provided white cork tiles for the Rustic Tropical Dining Room room set, which gives a nice, characterful, and natural base to the room.


ideal home show manchester


About the Ideal Home Show Rustic Tropical Dining Room

You can read all about the room set on the Ideal Home website. Below is the initial mood board. The theme of the room is a 'tropical, rustic summer oasis,' which was inspired by designer Natalie Lockwood's trips to sunny Sri Lanka. The mix of colourful tropical prints is contrasted with rustic woods to create a sociable dining space. Gold elements help to add a luxurious feel into the scheme.



About Cork Tiles

As mentioned above, we provided some trendy and stylish white cork tiles for use in this fab tropical-schemed room set. These cork tiles are made from the bark of trees. It's skinned off to be processed into cork, and within 3 years it has grown back to the same thickness it was before - so the tree is not chopped down in the process, unlike lots of other wood-based products! Cork has a fairly cushioned, spongy consistency, so it's quite comfortable underfoot. It's also great if you have top-heavy toddlers who are likely to take a tumble.


ideal home show tropical


Some of our cork tile products snugly clip together like laminate. They don't require sealing, and they can be laid on to of a solid floor with no adhesive as a 'floating floor.' They're also easy to snip to shape with a jigsaw! However, if you'd prefer something a little more durable, browse our regular selection of floor tiles for a mix of wood effects and stone effects!


So there's a look a the Tropical Rustic Dining Room we provided the flooring for at the Ideal Home Show Manchester 2017! Did you visit the show? What did you think? Let us know in a comment below!




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