Interior trends, they come, they go but only the best of them return…

Making its move into the interior world once more are the geometrics. This trend is always lurking somewhere in the mists, and now its back with an almighty boom!


Bursting at the seams with asymmetrical patterns in the form of circles, polygons and zigzags, stripes, obscure lines and interesting transparent shape combinations, this feel good trend is right up our street!


The rich urban designs, clean crisp lines and sharp angles are accompanied by beautiful combinations of monochrome colours complimented beautifully by pops of muted candy colours such as ochre yellows, vibrant turquoise, pinks and cool blues, which are sure to whip any interior space back into shape. Yes! Even yours! Geometrics are a true survivor of the trends.


So, with no sign of this trend slowing down any time soon, we’re seeing a huge explosion in shapely designs appearing on home interiors from lampshades, bed linen and rugs, to shelving, wall art and believe it or not tiles!


It doesn’t take much to invite geometrics into your home. A couple of new Zigzag cushions for your living room sofa, a pair of triangular patterned curtains, or adding geometric inspired tiles to revamp your kitchen walls. This trend can refresh any space with the simplest touch.


If the urban look is not your style but want to infuse your home with shapely designs still be in keeping with the geometric trend, have you considered taking a more traditional approach with classic Victorian tiles? The Victorian style incorporates traditional shapely squares, triangles and diamonds, to parallelograms, rhombi and importantly hexagons which have been hugely popular in the interior world just recently.




If not Victorian, How about going Moroccan? A huge trend within the last year or so, breathe in their rich colours and striking patterns…




So if you’re revamping your home this year, give the geometric trend a wee thought. The beauty of interior trends are that you can modify them to suit your own style, they’re simply a guideline, so shake them up and put your own twist on them and start bending the rules a little!


There is nothing wrong with following them to the ‘T’, but wouldn’t it be more fun to chuck different ingredients into the mixing pot? You may discover a new taste…


So if you’re stuck for a trend to follow, geometrics are definitely one to consider. We’ve fallen in love with geometrics this season and we think you should too!



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