Whipsnade Winner Announced: Kid’s Corner Colouring Competition

This summer, we launched our first ever Kid’s Corner activity pack! Free to download, it was full of puzzles and crafty makes! There was even a competition, where your little ones had to invent, draw and colour in their own mini monster! The prize? A family ticket to Whipsnade Zoo! We had dozens of fantastic entries, but we’ve chosen our winner…

And the winner is…

Garner, aged 8, with his invention ‘Animan’. Garner’s mini monster is an amalgamation of different animals. He has labelled each part. Animan has a bear’s body, bat wings, wolverine claws, a tiger tail, elephant feet, a panther’s face, lion’s teeth and bull horns.

Congratulations, Garner! You’ve won you and your family a trip to Whipsnade Zoo which you should enjoy, since you are clearly such an animal lover!

kids corner competition

Kid’s Corner will make a return in Summer 2016, so make sure to get your little ones involved!

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