If you visited the Ideal Home Show 2018, you'll have likely spotted the garden pod. Created by 2LG, its brief was 'veganism,' and so it focused on using sustainable materials. Two casing points are the armchair made from pineapple leather, and our very own White Bark Cork Tiles.



Good for the planet

Not many people realise how cork is made, and many seem to think it involves chopping down trees. But this isn't the case - it's actually created by skinning the bark off, instead. The tree never perishes. In fact, it usually grows back its bark within the next three years.

Whilst its bark is removed, the trees consume far more CO2 from the environment, which does its part in helping to clean the air.



A characterful look

Once the bark is removed from the tree, it's ground and pressed into sheets, which are then finished up into tiles. This grounding and pressing ensures a varied, characterful, mottled look, which will add plenty of naturalistic personality to your walls and floors.

Smooth, plain, bland surfaces aren't hugely in demand right now. It's all about texture and detailing now; and these cork tiles provide plenty of that.



Cushioned and comfortable

Unlike traditional wooden flooring or laminate, which are both very hard and unforgiving to the touch, cork flooring has more of a cushioned quality. This makes cork tiles perfect if you've got top-heavy toddlers running around.

They also feel great underfoot, because they're warm and padded, so they make a great addition to a bedroom.



Easy to install

Fitting these Bark Cork Tiles in your home couldn't be easier. Firstly, they're a floating floor, meaning they don't require any adhesive; they simply lay on top of the existing substrate.

Secondly, much like laminate, they have a glueless locking system; meaning their edges effortlessly click together! When it comes to making cuts, a simple electric jigsaw cutter will do the trick!



If you think these Bark Cork Tiles might be the perfect choice for you, why not taking a closer look? To order a full size sample tile with Free Delivery, click here.



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