Why we offer a sample service...

If you've been looking around our site, you'll probably have noticed an option to buy sample tiles. But what's a sample tile, and why would you want to order one? Well, we've put together this blog to explain exactly that!

kitchen hexagon tiles

What is a sample tile?

A sample tile is a highly discounted single tile. They come full size, and we send them out with Free Delivery nationwide!

Why would you want a sample tile?

We pride ourselves on the detailed, high res imagery of our products. Often, we even accompany imagery with a video, in which we revolve a tile, to try and capture all angles of it. However, even with both these methods in place, sadly our imagery and videos don't always do our tiles justice. That's why we offer you the opportunity to order a sample tile! We send you a hugely discount single tile for you to examine, in the flesh. You'll get the truest reflection of the colour (as all computer monitors vary slightly in the image they display).

You can run your fingers over it, and feel the texture. Is it smooth? Is it bumpy? Is it rough? You can move it around, to see how it reacts to the light. Does it shimmer? Does it sparkle? Is it matt? Does it have a soft sheen?

Most importantly, though, you can see how it looks in place, on your wall or floor. And, if you've ordered samples of different tiles, you can see which one looks best!

In summary, sample tiles are there to help you make the right decision in which tile you buy, before committing to a full order.

3 full size samples for £1

If you're interested in ordering some sample tiles, then we have a very special offer you can take advantage of - 3 full size sample tiles, with Free Delivery, for just £1! Use code: SAMP341


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