#SayItWithScrabble – Win £50 off Scrabble Wall Tiles

One of the coolest new additions to our site, our range of Scrabble Wall Tiles allows you to piece together stylish and contemporary word displays in your home. Whether you’re spelling out the name of a loved one, a famous saying, lyrics from a song, quotes from a movie, or simple nouns, our Scrabble alphabet lends any room a unique, fresh and modern touch.

Win £50 of Scrabble Wall Tiles

To celebrate the arrival of our innovative new collection of Scrabble Tiles, throughout June, we’re hosting our #SayItWithScrabble giveaway on Facebook and twitter! The lucky winner of this competition will win a voucher code that gets them £50 off Scrabble Wall Tiles – a perfect kick-start for piecing together your words, phrases or lyrics.

Keeping in-line with the classic theme of Scrabble, it’s a word-based competition. Take a look at the picture below. You have to re-arrange the Scrabble Tiles, and try to find the nine-letter conundrum. We’ll give you a little clue… it’s something to do with DIY and decorating!

Send your conundrum over to inspiration@wallsandfloors.co.uk. The competition will run throughout July. The closing time for entries is midnight Thursday 31st July. The winner will be announced on Friday 1st August, on Facebook and twitter.


A social competition

We’ll be posting the #SayItWithScrabble competition on our Facebook and twitter pages quite frequently. If you can’t get the conundrum, why not send it to a friend? See if they can guess it for you. Share it with your friends – ask for help. We’re sure they’ll happily help you out! If you know someone who you think might like to win some Scrabble Wall Tiles, tell them about it! Tag them in it. Get them involved.

The many uses of Scrabble Tiles

These 100x100mm tiles are perfect for getting in the creative spirit. Piece together some stylish displays in your home:

- You could spell out a name: GAVIN or STACEY.

- You could choose a movie quote like, WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT. 

- You could form the lyrics from your favourite song: THIS IS MAJOR TOM TO GROUND CONTROL.

- You could even construct simple words: BREAD, HOME or EAT.

The possibilities are never-ending. As are the uses. You don’t have to stick them to the wall. You could frame them, and stand them on the mantelpiece. You could display them on a shelf; free-standing. You can use them as coasters for your tea or coffee; scatter random letters across the coffee table or breakfast bar. They’re not just another tile.

They come in two colours. Our White Scrabble Tiles brighten up a space, whereas the Cream Scrabble Tiles add warmth to an area.

What do you think of our Scrabble Wall Tiles? Have you entered our #SayItWithScrabble competition yet? What words would you spell out with that £50 voucher? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+. Better still, leave a comment below!

Article by Callum Chester.



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