Whites and Woods: Update Your Interiors this Season

Invite the magical combination of whites and woods into your home this season. The two themes go together hand-in-hand – creating a fresh, neutral, naturalistic scheme that you can accessorize to your heart’s content.

A New Year: A Clear Colour Palette

Whites have connotations of bright and fresh – exactly what you need at the start of a New Year. A clean slate – a clear colour palette. White is great for creating a neutral starting point. All colours go with white. Whether you want to introduce bold reds, lime greens, or stony greys into your home, they’ll tie in perfectly with a white background. That’s why it’s a great idea to use white as the backdrop to your room. Because the backdrop is the hard part. The tiles, or the wallpaper, or the paint. That’s the bit that isn’t changed as easily. Once you have a white backdrop, you can change the colour of your accessories at the drop of the hat. You can drape a throw over your sofa. You can swap your little nick-knacks – ornaments and candle holders. You can give your side-table a quick lick of paint, to make it match your new colour scheme. It’s easy – and it all goes perfectly with a white backdrop!

Whites can also help to make a small room seem larger. It’s a trick interior stylists have been using on ceilings for centuries. Just as a white ceiling will make a room seem higher up, white everywhere else will make the walls seem further apart; increasing the visual volume of the room. It will also make the room much brighter; allowing the light to bounce around.


Wood Effect: A 2016 Interior Design Trend

A major interior design trend in 2016 is the idea of inviting raw materials – or at least the illusion of raw materials – into your home. We’re talking wood effects and stone effects. Raw wooden furniture – vast timber tabletops and coffee tables. Oak cabinets. Even large chunks of driftwood – which can be fixed to the wall as decoration. The idea is to create a feeling of nature in your home – to help you feel more at ease. We’re so caught up in the automated glare of the computer age, that it’s easy to feel disconnected from the natural wood around us. That’s the point of the raw materials trend – to help us feel more connected with nature.

Wood effect tiles are brilliant at achieving this trend. Some of them are incredibly realistic. The manufacturers take a high definition photograph of real wood, and then using the latest inkjet technology, they print an exact likeness onto the tile; complete with woodgrain, knots and grooves. Your guests will be hard-pressed to notice they’re not real wood! They’ll think you forked out thousands on reclaiming an old wooden floor.

Rustic wood tiles

Contempo Wood Effect Tiles

Royal oak wood effect tiles


White Tiles: 5 of the Best

For a textured approach, try the Logic White Gloss Tiles from our range of Soul Tiles. They’re made up of little mosaic-effect squares, which are angled in different directions so that they catch the light in different ways. We recommend standing a lamp next to them, to illuminate the elaborate textured design.


A popular choice when it comes to white wall tiles is the Retro Metro Tile. A brick-shaped ceramic wall tile with a defined bevelled edge and a gloss sheen, it adds vintage elegance to any wall space. It’s affordable, easy to install, and incredibly stylish.


Don’t overlook the soughtafter six-sided style trend. The hexagon shape has taken the interior design world by storm, and is appearing in some of the trendiest, swankiest establishments on the planet. These Hexagon Mosaic Tiles allow you to bring it into your home.


Add some motion to your wall spaces by introducing some undulating designs. These Corbello Tiles have a rippling wave-like effect. Note in the picture below the use of red accessories against the white background. As mentioned earlier, to change your scheme, it’s simply a case of replacing those vases, and giving the unit a quick coat of paint.


Classic White Square Mosaics can be nice, too. Mosaics have been associated with bathing and wash rooms since the Roman times. They’re cheap, and come on a pliable mesh backing; allowing you to easily cut them to size when it comes to recesses, fixtures and fittings.





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