wood split face tiles

Texture is a key element when it comes to decorating a wall or floor space. A textured surface is what adds charm and character. Without texture, an area can look plain and uninteresting; and a guest’s eyes can just become lost as they look around the room. That’s why wood effect split face tiles are such a popular design trend right now.

A new type of split face tile

Split face tiles are traditionally made from natural slate. They consist of strips that have been cut to different widths, heights and thicknesses; creating a staggered and multi-levelled surface; ideal for adding definition to a wall area. A new trend has arisen from the popularity of the industrial upcycle look. Earlier this year when I was wandering around the Surface Design Show in London, I saw one thing time and time again – split face tiles made from reclaimed wood.

bathroom wood split face tiles

Some pieces looked like they’d come from old pallets. Some pieces looked like sanded driftwood. And yet all of these wooden components were brought together beautifully to create this stunning, staggered wooden split face surface. Ideal for adding that much-needed texture and definition to an interior wall space.

Introducing Wood Effect Split Face Tiles

Actual wooden split face tiles are very costly, because they’re carefully carpentered to make all the pieces fit together. That’s why Walls and Floors have created the Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles range (images above and below). They contain a realistic split face effect design with a textured, raised surface. Your guests will never know it’s not real wood!

split face wood tiles

The wood effect split face design is perfect for creating a feature wall, or for piecing together a kitchen splashback behind a cooker or sink. To get a closer look, order yourself a free full size sample tile.

wood effect split face tiles

There you have it – a look at the Wood Effect Split Face Tiles trend! If you invite it into your home, be sure to enter pictures in our latest before and after competition where you could win a fantastic prize.