Wood Effect Tiles: Image Gallery

Decorating your home this season, and want to update those floor spaces? Wood Effect Tiles are the perfect tool for adding a fresh, natural look to the floor areas throughout your home. Thanks to the latest HD printing, they have a lifelike wood grain design, and are often alive with textured grooves and risen knots for added realism. You might be considering ripping up your lino, carpet or laminate and refurbishing the natural wooden boards beneath. Our advice? Don’t bother. Natural floorboards scratch and mark easily. They require constant, ongoing treatment and maintenance, and they splinter along the edges; hazardous underfoot, especially if you have children wandering around in bare feet. Tiles are sturdy, smooth, and require zero maintenance. Once they’re laid, they’re laid. Plus, if you live in a new build with a concrete or MDF flooring base, you don’t have the choice of restoring natural wooden floorboards – so Wood Effect Tiles are your best chance!

We have a fantastic selection of Wood Effect Tiles to choose from; all pictured above! Let us take you through them:

1) Similarly, our Estrellar Wood Effect Tiles also break the mould. They consist of an eye-catching star-shaped design, constructed from dark and light shades of wood grain.

estrellar wood effect tiles

2) As their name suggests, our Antique Wood Effect Tiles have an aged, rustic appearance; ideal for injecting charm and character into an interior area.

antique wood effect tiles

3) One of the most realistic wood effect designs you’ll find on the internet, our Rustic Wood Tiles go the extra mile in terms of detailing and texture. Your guests will never know they’re not real wood! (Unless you tell them.)

rustic wood effect tiles

4) Our Archaic Painted Wood Tiles break away from the standard plank-by-plank design that you’re usually faced with when dealing with wood and wood effect products. They have an elaborate parquet effect design, with a soft painted look; highlighting the faux pieces in muted colours.

archaic painted wood effect tiles

5) For a traditional plank shaped wood effect tile available in a variety of lengths and shades, with both smooth and anti slip options, try our Vintage Wood Plank Tiles.

vintage wood plank tiles

6) Part of our selection of Louisa Charlotte Collection – a selection of striking designer tiling options – our Vintage Wood Tiles consist of a ritzy parquet effect design.

vintage wood tiles

7) Our Vintage Wood Tiles can be used in any room throughout the house – be it a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, dining area or living room. They can even be used outside in the garden.

vintage wood effect tiles

8) Remember our uber-realistic Rustic Wood Tiles from earlier on? Our Samanea Wood Effect Tiles are essentially the longer version of them! Every bit as realistic; just lengthier.

samanea wood effect tiles

9) Returning to our Vintage Wood Plank Tile range, the white tile from the selection allows you to make a drab or dated room seem fresher, brighter and larger!

vintage wood plank tiles

We hope this Wood Effect Tiles image gallery has helped to inspire you, ready for your decorating project! For more inspiring slideshows, visit our Image Galleries section.

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