Wood and Rustic Metro Tiles: Modern Pink Kitchen

Millenial Pink is a trending colour that isn’t slowing down, and it’s centric in this stunning modern minimalist kitchen, which featured at the Ideal Home Show 2018.

Put together by Owl Design, this room also starred a couple of tiles from yours truly – our gorgeous Eton Gloss Tiles, and our charming Contempo Wood Effect Tiles.

Vintage meets modern

All the most intriguing rooms contain contrast. That’s why, in a modern kitchen, it’s always an interesting idea to have a vintage throwback! In this kitchen, this slice of vintage delight comes in the form of our Eton Gloss Tiles.

Part of our range of Rustic Metro Tiles, they have a bumpy surface which gives a characterful warped-with-age appears. Because they have a gloss finish, any light that catches the tiles with completely accentuate these contours; bringing the wall to life!

They work perfectly as a refreshing splashback in this fab modern kitchen space. Don’t be afraid to play around with patterns and layouts – a herringbone worked perfectly with a brick shaped tile.

If you’d like to welcome these charming Rustic Metro Tiles into your home this season, click here to take a closer look!

Refreshing wood effect

When it comes to creating a modern interior space, wood effect flooring is a popular go-to choice. However, traditional hardwood and laminate flooring are a big no no! Instead, smarter buyers and designers are opting for wood effect tiles!

Why? Because they’ll last a lot longer, they’re resistant to scratching (perfect if you’ve got children or pets), they’re resistant to staining (ideal if you’re partial to the occasional glass of red wine), and they’re easy to clean!

Don’t think that, just because they’re tiles, they’re not going to look every bit as lifelike as a natural wooden floor. Thanks to the latest HD printing techniques, wood effect tiles have an uncanny likeness, with tons of intricate details!

Owl Design used our Natural Oak Tiles in this modern kitchen space. Made from ceramic, these tiles are alive with realistic wood grain and knots! Your guests will never know they’re not real wood.

If you’re a fan of these gorgeous wood effect tiles, and you’d like to use them to transform the floor spaces throughout your home, why not take a closer look? Order a full size sample with fast free delivery.