The New Year is fast approaching. Before you know it, we'll be counting down the seconds before Big Ben chimes, announcing the arrival of 2014! Given that, it's the time of the year where we all start thinking about our New Year's DIY Resolutions...


DIY Resolutions

Above: Corbello Tiles


One major thing that people tend to put off is DIY - doing up the kitchen, or the bathroom, or a living area. The general attitude tends to be, 'Oh, I'll get around to it.' And year after year, that remains the excuse. Well here at Walls and Floors, we say no more! This year is the year. So add DIY to your resolutions, and finally get it done! We have some incredible offers coming in the latter half of December and all throughout January, so you can finally tick those jobs off and get them completed!


My DIY Resolutions: What style to go for?

Once you've committed to adding DIY to your New Year's Resolutions, it's time to decide what look you want to go for in your home. A big theme in 2014 is bringing the natural look into your home - and here at Walls and Floors, we have some room-stealing natural options to choose from. From our extremely realistic wood effect tiles, through to our natural slates and marbles, we truly leave you well-catered for.

To bring some real character and definition to your walls, we highly recommend these stunning Ledgestone Charcoal Black Tiles. Part of our Splitface Mosaic Tiles collection, they have a staggered, multi-levelled face, and they're made from natural slate! They look absolutely fantastic and add a highly stylish and contemporary appearance to any wall. They're being used in some of the trendiest bars and restaurants across the UK!


splitface mosaic tiles

Above: Slate Split Face Tiles


What will you be doing in your home as part of your DIY Resolutions? Let us know in a comment below!



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