The kitchen - it's a multi-functional room. It's a place to cook and prepare food, but it's also a place to entertain - so when planning out a kitchen re-vamp, you need to find the right balance of work and play....


Above: Craquelure Tiles


You need to provide yourself with the work space to make your morning tea or coffee, put together those packed lunches, and slave away over a gorgeous dinner. But you also want to make it a social area, as the kitchen can often act as a house's social hub; even more so than the living room.

Whether the family is eating breakfast together in the morning, or your mate has just popped over for a coffee, or you're enjoying a meal in the evening, the kitchen is a very practical place to talk and socialise - whether you're standing or sitting down.


Add your own style

It's important to stamp some character and personality into your kitchen by applying the wall and floor coverings.

Tiles are the perfect choose when it comes to decorating a kitchen. With thousands of different colours and styles to choose from, there's a design for everyone! They're extremely affordable, very easy to install, last a lifetime (often adding value to your home) and they wipe clean - perfect for those common kitchen splashes and spills.


Above: Isoline Tiles


Take the weight off your feet

Breakfast bars are a great way to add some seating into a cramped kitchen area. Essentially a worktop with some stools tucked away underneath it, the breakfast bar doesn't get in the way.

Bar stools are perfect for taking the weight off your feet when eating, drinking or chatting - whether alone, with your family, or with a friend.


Above: BoCoCa Wood Effect Tiles 


Create a splashback

One of the messiest places in the kitchen is that spot behind the hob. That area of wall space that gets bombarded with specks of hissing fat from the frying pan. A splashback is an absolute must!

What is a splashback? It's an area of easily-wipeable material, unaffected by heat, that stands behind the hob and catches all the dirty, greasy debris.

Tiles made for great kitchen splashbacks, as you can see below!


matt hexagon mosaic tiles

Above: Matt Hexagon Mosaic Tiles



Once you've gotten the design of your kitchen right - with a good amount of work space, a place to sit for you and your guests, and some stylish tiles in place, you've got the heart of your home beating!

Enjoy it! Make use of the space, and cook more extravagant and challenging meals. Use the extra seating - socialise. Show off your new look to your friends and family.




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