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Looking for a voguish simple design? Then look no further than our selection of Plain Tiles. Plain doesn’t necessarily mean boring – not with the fantastic collection of Plain Tiles we have to offer.

So what do we mean by ‘plain’ tiles? By ‘plain,’ we mean any tile that consists of one solid colour. No mottled stone effect. No linear print stretching from one end to the other. No captivating geometric pattern or Moroccan design. Just a nice, simple, smooth block of colour; perfect for injecting your favourite shade into your interiors.  

Plain White Tiles: Creating a Blank Canvas 

Think of a tile, and you’ll most likely think of a flat, square, plain white tile. Are we right? A classic tile. A tile that appears in bathrooms and kitchens all over the world. Boring, right? Wrong. There’s a lot to be said for plain white tiles, and there’s a reason they’re so popular, the world over. And it’s all about the colour (or the lack of it). When you think of white, you think of pure. You think of untouched. You think of fresh. Thus, when it comes to refreshing and rejuvenating a dated bathroom or kitchen space, white should be the first thing you think of. It’s certainly the first thing a lot of interior designs think of. Strip out the dark, drab, dingy, and introduce white walls or floors to create a bright, refreshed atmosphere. 

Creating white surfaces in your home will not only help to make the room seem brighter and more inviting, but it will also help to make the space seem larger. It’s an optical illusion. A white wall seems further away. Think about the ceiling. We’ve been painting them white for centuries. Why? Because they become less noticeable, and a less noticeable ceiling instantly gives you more perspective head space. It works the same way with walls and floors. 

But won’t an all-white space seem rather plain, and void of character? No – not if you’re clever about it. Louisa Charlotte, our exclusive designer, suggests creating a blank white backdrop to a room, (or a blank ‘canvas’), and then building a colour scheme through the addition of accessories. For example, in a kitchen, if you want a passionate, fiery red scheme, you’ll choose a red toaster, red salt and pepper grinders, a red kettle, and a red chopping board. If you tire of the colour scheme after a year, do you need to decorate? No, of course not – you simply bung your accessories on Items For Sale on Facebook, and buy a new set in a different colour. Anything goes with white, that’s what’s so ingenious about this idea! 

Metro Tiles: A Popular Plain Tile

Metro Tiles are among the most popular plain tiles that we stock. If you haven’t heard of Metro Tiles, they’re essentially brick-shaped wall tiles, usually made from ceramic, and they come in a staggering selection of designs; large, small, smooth, bevelled, bumpy, crackled. All in a kaleidoscope of different colour options, and all perfect for creating a feature wall in a bathroom, or for piecing together a charming, characterful kitchen splashback behind a cooker or sink. Metro tiles even look good in the living room, on the surround of a fireplace! Want a rich, homely flooring for your kitchen or bathroom? Well how about our extremely trendy Granito Tiles?

Reasons to Buy Plain Tiles

Ready for a fresh look? By installing a new set of architect or plain colour tiles you can transform a plain or boring space to a beautiful eye-catching delight. Try our popular smooth finish Creative Colours Tiles range ideal for creating a plain wall in bathrooms and kitchen. If you are working with a budget, why not browse our fantastic collection of Value Tiles combining real quality with real value.

Whatever room you're thinking about transforming you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the massive range of architect or plain colour tiles at Walls and Floors.  For a contrasting look why not view our huge collection of popular Johnson Prismatics Tiles.

At Walls and Floors, the variety of sizes and colours available is set to impress and we're sure you'll find the tiles you need to complete your design. However, if you're not sure, why not order an architect or plain colour tile sample and see for yourself? All samples are delivered free of charge. You may also like to view our unrivalled selection of Brick Tiles in stock at Walls and Floors. 

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