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So you’re planning a tiling project. You could be using the most interesting tiles in the world, but if you’re just using the one design to cover a vast wall or floor space, then it might get a little bit tedious. To help break up a display of wall or floor tiles, we definitely recommend incorporating some border tiles. We have a varied and stylish offering to choose from. Below, we’ll take you through some of our favourites, with some ideas for really adding interest into your tiling display. 

Complement larger tiles 

As mentioned above, when dealing with your regular wall tile – be it a bevelled metro tile, or a realistic stone effect - the more surface area you cover, the less interesting the space becomes. Border tiles are essential when it comes to tiling large areas with the same tile. They help to break up the area, and add interest and character. 

For best results, choose a border tile that really complements the larger wall tile. For example, our popular natural Ferrara travertine tiles go perfectly with our Marble and Glass Chocolate Mosaic Tiles. For more help with this, read the blog we wrote about the colour wheel. It will help you to understand complementary colours, and therefore which borders to put with your wall tiles. 

Victorian border tiles 

Creating a classic, period look in your home? To really nail that authentic finish, browse our selection of olde-English Victorian border tiles. Here, rather than flat borders, you’ll find interesting, raised, 3D ‘moulded’ designs, such as our Dado Border Tiles. They advance from the wall in beautifully crafted curves; standing out from your charming period wall tiles, and tying the room together perfectly. 

Alternatively, if you’re piecing together a Victorian floor display, visit our Gosford collection for decorative edging, to stylishly frame your chosen floor tiles. Border tiles aren’t just for the wall, after all… 

Border tiles for floor spaces 

When it comes to breaking up a floor space, border tiles are perfect. However, you don’t need to use border tiles, per say. You can simply use a strand of regular tiles – just ones that are in contrast to the majority of your floor space. For example, say you’ve chosen to tile your floor with light brown wood effect tiles. However, you feel a whole floor space using those particular tiles would look a little plain, so you want to break it up a bit. You could simply use tiles from the same range, in a darker shade of brown, and use these to build a framed border around or within your floor display.  

Another nice touch, when tiling a floor, is to order a little over, and to cut your spare tiles into strips that you can use as skirting tiles around the outside walls. This way, the floor is tied effortlessly into the walls – giving a warming, ‘altogether’ finish. 

Adding structure – a word from Louisa Charlotte

On using mosaics to add structure into your room, Louisa Charlotte, our exclusive designer, writes: ‘Choose a composition within your interior design scheme that adds not only style, but structure into your chosen room, a composition with purpose will make a room look less cluttered! Try framing features with lustful shimmering mosaics to make them stand out; vertical strips of glistening tiles will not only add height into your chosen room but contrast against more neutral tiles whilst allowing a display of light around the room.’  

Create your own border tiles 

Mosaic tiles make for perfect border tiles. We have a great selection of pre-cut mosaic border tiles to choose from. However, if you find a mosaic tile on our site that you think would make an especially lovely border tile, and it’s not in our range of pre-cut mosaic border tiles, then order a few sheets! Take a pair of scissors, and snip through the mesh backing. Cut the mosaic tile into strips; any thickness you like. And there you have it – your own customised mosaic border tile! 

Any tile is a border tile 

When you think about it, pretty much any tile can double up as a border. Any tile that looks different from the rest of wall or floor display. You could have a strip of black metro tiles crossing a wall of white metro tiles, and you’ve got yourself a border! Put a row of patterned Moroccan tiles through a display of sky blue hexagon mosaics, and you’ve got yourself a border. Get creative. Mix and match. Order samples. See what works. 

Why buy border tiles from Walls and Floors? 

At Walls and Floors, we have a fantastic selection of border tiles to choose from – all at very competitive prices. We appreciate it can be a little tricky to see what a tile looks like, purely from looking at a computer, tablet or phone screen. That’s why we have our sample service. You can order a full size sample of any tile from our site, and we’ll post it to you with Free Delivery. 

When it comes to taking on your tiling project, we won’t leave you in the dark in you need some help or advice. Send your queries to Paul Collins, the Tile Guru. He’s our resident tiling expert, and he’ll answer any technical questions you might have. 

If it’s your first tiling project, you might find these How To Tile videos handy!