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Glass Mosaic & Glass Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

It’s time to let your home know that you care! Why not give it a makeover? Which room is in the most desperate need of a renovation? Maybe the kitchen needs a facelift? Perhaps the bathroom could do with a spot of touching up? Bring those drab and dreary walls right up to date with the help of this selection of gorgeous and stylish glass tiles!

Every room needs a little TLC from time to time and tiling is an easy way to completely transform an area. Whether you’re stuck with faded, flaking wallpaper, wooden cladding or even sickly nineteen-fifties tiling it doesn’t matter! Strip those eyesores away, and add some real style!

The wonderful thing about glass

Glass is just great, isn’t it? It shimmers, it shines, it reflects. It has transformed the exterior of homes all over the world. Now it’s time to invite it inside- into your kitchens and bathrooms. It will make your walls glow and glisten! But do you know the best thing about having glass tiles? Glass cleans easily. Kitchen walls take a daily barrage of hissing pan fat, and splash-marks from the sink. With glass, that simply isn’t a problem. You just wipe it away, and it’s as good as new. Similarly, in a wet-room or shower area, the tiles tend to get smothered in soapy residue or limestone scaling, particularly in hard water areas. If you don’t rinse it away every time, it tends to leave unsightly white marks, and requires some elbow grease to scrub off. However, with glass tiles it simply wipes away with a flick of the wrist.

Endless style possibilities

There are many possibilities when it comes to tiling with glass. A contemporary brick approach is always a winning format. Inspired by the styles of the London Underground, the metro brick design has taken the UK by storm. Glass brick tiles come in a wide spectrum of different colours. Some are soft and subtle, designed to sit snugly in the background and bring a calm, chic appearance to your walls. Others are bold and striking, geared to catch the eye of your friends and visitors. Alternatively, why not go for a stunning mosaic tiles display in your kitchen or bathroom? Mosaic tiles have been captivating us since the Roman times. The intricate blend of colours, textures and finishes bring real character and charm to a wall or floor. When it comes to glass mosaic tiles, you have endless possibilities. The Accord collection offers a unique combination of glass and natural stone. It’s unusual, but it works! It really brings those walls to life. As do the dark and modernistic offerings of the Solar selection. They have a glittery, enchanting finish guaranteed to impress the most discerning of your guests.

Get creative with your tiles

The multitude of colours in the Glass Plain Tiles selection allows you to get very creative. You can choose your favourite tones, and bring several together in a pattern that best suits you. You can stamp your own personal touch on your kitchen or bathroom. Explore the great possibilities and browse through our extensive collection at Walls and Floors. For a little tiling assistance, take a look at our video on how to tile a wall.