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Limestone Effect Tiles

Our Bestselling Limestone Effect Tiles

Limestone Effect Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Reinvent the wall and floor spaces throughout your home by introducing some natural-looking Limestone Effect Tiles. Made from ceramic and porcelain, our selection saves you the hassle of sealing, treating and maintaining natural tiles. Thanks to developments in the production phase, stone effect tiles have never looked so realistic; they’re alive with all the mottled charm of natural limestone. 

Soothing Bathroom Scheme 

Natural stone is a popular design trend when it comes to decorating bathrooms. But why? It’s something Louisa Charlotte, our exclusive designer, calls ‘Nature’s prescription.’ It’s the idea that inviting natural textures and surfaces into our homes helps us to feel closer to nature – and, thus, helps us feel more relaxed and at ease with our surroundings. Isn’t that the exact kind of ambience you want to create in your bathroom, when you’re soaking in the tub after a stressful day? Our Limestone Effect Tiles are perfectly suitable for use in a bathroom area. 

Timeless Look 

Trends come and go – it’s a simple fact of life. The natural look is a major interior design trend. However, unlike the rest, it’s a look that isn’t going anywhere! Why? Because stone effects and wood effects are timeless. They depict textures that were here long, long before us – and will be here long after. They come in gorgeous colours – either soothing, calming greys or warming beiges and browns; perfect for whatever scheme you might happen to be going for. So it’s safe to say the natural look is one that’s safe to invest in. Your bathroom, kitchen, living room or hallway will never become dated if you’ve introduced a nice stone effect tile. Consisting mostly of softer, lighter hues, our selection of Limestone Effect Tiles is perfect for creating this timeless look in your home. 

Add interest 

As charming as Limestone Effect Tiles are, if you were to tile an entire wall or floor in them, the tiling display may end up looking a little featureless. To counter this, why not add a border tile, to help break it up? We find that mosaic tiles work especially well with stone effect tiles. For best results, try using a mix mosaic tile (a mish-mash of different materials), such as our Marble and Glass Marble Effect Tiles. You can either cut them into strips, or use whole sheets to create horizontal or vertical feature lines. 

Alternatively, for an Arabesque approach to livening up a Limestone Effect Tile display, take a look at our Pastiche Range. It consists of a large format limestone effect tile in an off-white colour, with an eye-catching patterned Moroccan patchwork décor tile of the same size. Combine the two to create a varied floor display. 

Why buy Limestone Effect Tiles from Walls and Floors?

So you’ve taken a look through our offering of Limestone Effect Tiles. If you’re unsure what one looks like and the photo / video isn’t helping, then why not take advantage of our sample service? You can order a full size sample tile, or a free cut sample, online with Free Delivery. 

If you need a spot of advice about your tiling project, we’re here to help! Send your query over to Paul Collins, the Tile Guru! He’s our regular tiling expert, and he’s always more than happy to help with any questions you might have.