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Natural Marble Tiles

Our Bestselling Natural Marble Tiles

Natural Marble Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

When you’re aiming for an elegant and exclusive look in a kitchen, bathroom or hallway, one material springs to mind above all others: natural marble. For thousands of years, marble has lined the palaces and stately homes of emperors, kings, lords and ladies. It’s synonymous with the high society, and instantly adds a ritzy, voguish appearance to any wall or floor. We have a vast selection of natural marble tiles to choose from. 

Not only do we offer a range of stunning wall and floor tiles, but we also have a selection of striking mosaic marble tiles; perfect for creating eye-catching splashbacks, focal points, and borders to mix and match with other tiles. 

Gorgeous veining 

What makes marble tiles stand out so much from other natural stones – their trademark look – is the delicate veining that swishes this way and that across the surface of the stone. Often, it’s in beautiful contrast. Black marble will usually have white veining, whilst white marble usually has grey or black veining. But what causes the veining? Actually, it’s layers of minerals that get trapped between the layers of rock, as they form. When marble is taken from the quarry, and cut into tiles (or worktops), you’re seeing the side-on view of these interweaving layers of mineral deposit. Imagine the jam in the middle of a cake. When you cut the cake in half, you just see a thin red slither. That’s what the veining in marble is; just with lots of overlapping, criss-crossing layers (of minerals, not jam). 

Marble tiles: Perfect for a bathroom 

Since the gorgeous marble columns in the baths of ancient Rome, marble and bathing have gone hand in hand. You’ll find natural stone in relaxing aquatic settings across the world; particularly in spas. Why? It’s down to something our exclusive designer, Louisa Charlotte, calls ‘Nature’s Prescription.’ 

It’s the idea of inviting natural elements and surfaces (such as marble tiles) into the home, to help us feel closer to nature. With our busy and hectic lifestyles, we can often get stuck in routines of being cooped up inside. And with the appeal of gadgets and on-demand television stealing us away from the outside world, it can often feel like we’re living a digital existence. That’s why, if we’re simply too busy to take a stroll through a wood, or visit a nearby beach, it’s a therapeutic idea to create a naturalistic sanctuary in our home. 

By inviting natural materials into the bathroom, we’re transforming it into a soothing spa that has the ability to carry us away to some bubbling hot spring in the outside world. We can shut the door on our iPad, and our Netflix, and we can just light some scented candles, and relax and unwind. 

Marble tiles can be used on both the walls and the floor in a bathroom setting, but make sure you follow the advice about sealing them, to protect them from water damage. 

Why buy marble tiles from Walls and Floors? 

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