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If you’re a lover of the traditional look, then terracotta tiles may well be the choice for you! Made from clay, they are perfect for injecting a rustic appearance into an interior floor space. Here at Walls and Floors, we have a vast selection to choose from! Let us take you through some of the benefits of introducing terracotta tiles into your home. 
Create the farmhouse look with terracotta tiles 
If you flick through interior design magazines such as Good Homes, you’ll notice one distinctive look time and time again – the ‘farmhouse’ look. The idea of creating a country, rustic appearance in a bathroom, kitchen, hallway or dining area. But why is this decoration choice so popular? 
It all comes down to escapism. We live in a world that is dominated by technology and gadgets. It’s hard to walk five metres without seeing your reflection in a black, lifeless, digital screen. You’ve heard of the dream of ‘escaping to the country’ – the idea of moving away to some cosy little village out in the countryside, far away from the bustle of the city, and the ominous glow of tech? Well, sometimes relocation isn’t an option, due to commitments, or expense. So the next best thing is to bring the country to you! Create a stripped-back, rural look in your home; a traditional space where you can escape from all the white noise. That’s where the appeal of the farmhouse looks comes from. It’s a throw-back to a simpler time. 
Terracotta tiles are ideal for creating the base of your country farmhouse scheme. Best of all, they won’t look out of place in any room in the house. This allows you to create one large free-flowing floor space that runs seamlessly from the kitchen into the dining area, through into the hallway, and beyond into a living area. Carry on the scheme in the bathroom. 
Warm up a room with terracotta tiles 
One defining quality of terracotta tiles is the colour. Because they’re made from a natural, earthy clay, they always come out in gorgeous browns, reds, oranges and yellows. If you’ve ever studied a colour wheel, you’ll note that these particular hues all sit on the warm side of the scale; meaning terracotta tiles are ideal for injecting visual warmth into an interior area. So if you have a white-walled bathroom or kitchen, and it feels a little nippy, you know what to do to raise the temperature – add some terracotta to the floor! 

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