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Quarry Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Quarry tiles are an age-old option when it comes to tiling interior and exterior floor spaces. They’re hard-wearing, and they add a fantastic, timeless, traditional look – whether you’re introducing them into a bathroom, kitchen, hallway, living area or an outdoor patio area. We have an expansive selection of clay and terracotta quarry tiles to pick from. 

Add extra grip 

Several of our quarry tiles come with a gruff, anti slip finish. In case the term isn’t immediately obvious, an anti slip finish is essentially a tiled surface with a rougher, grittier design; made for adding more friction underfoot, to stop you from slipping. Anti slip floor tiles are essential in areas likely to get wet. For example, a bathroom area. When you step out of the shower or bath and you’re dripping water all over the floor, you create a slippery surface. By adding anti slip tiles, you have that added grip underfoot, to help steady yourself as you step across the floor. 

Anti slip quarry tiles are also incredibly handy when it comes to creating patio areas outdoors. They look much more stylish than paving slabs, and decking fades in the sun extremely quickly, and is incredibly slippery when wet. Thus, quarry tiles with a gripping anti slip finish are the best option when creating an outdoor area. 

Add the farmhouse look 

When it comes to decorating a kitchen, it’s nice to go traditional – which, in Britain, means throwing back to a nice rural look. Think country farmhouse, or village cottage, and traditional quarry tiles become the call of the day. Flattened clay baked in a kiln, quarry tiles were readily available in olden times – and, as a result, farmhouses and cottages all across the British countryside lay abundant with them. And that’s why they’re a traditional look today! Ideal for injecting some rustic, rural, country-house goodness into even the most urban of kitchen spaces. You may not live in the country escape of your dreams – but you can certainly pretend by introducing some quarry tiles to your floor areas. 

Create period appeal 

Move into the town houses of Victorian London, and clay quarry tiles had an entirely different look. The rustic, earthy quality of traditional quarry tiles (used in countryside décor) had now been replaced with coloured, buffed, geometric-shaped pieces – mostly in black and white, but occasionally in red, too. 

Victorians lined their garden paths with elaborate geometric clay tile displays; a lively, eye-catching mixture of triangles and squares, which you can find in our Gosford Tiles collection. This look continued into the entrance hallways of the town houses themselves – greeting guests, and guiding them into the home. 

When it came to the kitchen, you’d often find monochrome honeycomb displays; where clay hexagonal tiles in black and white have been used to create stunning feature floors. To achieve this look, browse our selection of Victorian Unglazed Hexagon Tiles. It’s a range of clay hexagonal tiles in four colourways. 

Why buy quarry tiles from Walls and Floors? 

If you think you’ve found a design you like, but you just can’t tell from the picture, then why not order a sample tile? We offer discounted full size sample tiles on 99% of our products – with Free Delivery. We also offer free cut samples, too. 

Got a question about your tiling project? Ask Paul Collins – the Tile Guru. He’s the resident tiling expert here at Walls and Floors, and he’s happy to answer any technical or styling queries you might have.

Clay quarry tiles are ideal for creating a rustic, traditional effect in your home. Whether you want them in your kitchen or bathroom, you'll find these tiles work for any room of the house. The quarry tiles come in all sorts of styles so they are easy to incorporate into any design.


One of the best things about quarry tiles is that they are very traditional and so make an ideal addition to an old-fashioned, vintage, look in any room. Inspired by Dennis Ruabon tiles, their rustic appearance means they create a classic red floor that isn't too overpowering. The clay terracotta colours are subtle enough to give a flash of colour without becoming a centrepiece of the room.


Of course, if you are after something a bit more striking, there is the option to go for a different colour and draw the attention straight to the tiles. Our black quarry tiles will give your room a bit of an edge while the Aragon charcoal tiles can be teamed with a while grout to create a classic flooring that still stands out.


Whether you want to have your tiling inside or out, the quarry tiles can suit your needs. The clay Spanish collection is incredibly hard wearing so heavy traffic isn't an issue. These tiles can easily be used for a garden patio to create something a bit different from the traditional patio stones. Rounded edges mean you have the chance to get creative with your tiling and can make a design that suits your individual requirements.


One thing you can say about quarry tiles is that they are ideal for creating a bold look in or outside of your home. The Gosford collection is available in a range of colours, allowing you to create a Victorian mosaic design that will look great in a bathroom or hallway. The bold patterns will stand out and become a feature piece of the room.

Final touches

If you want to create a low key design to finish off a room, you can easily achieve this with quarry tiles. You have the option of creating an entire floor or just tiling a small section of a room to create a ruabon feature piece or finish off a design. It may be the case that you want an interesting design to sit underneath a raised bathtub and quarry tiles are ideal for this.

Unbeatable deals

Our very own Price Beat Promise applies across the whole selection of quarry tiles so you don't need to worry about paying more than necessary for your tiles. Whether you are on a strict budget or want to pull out all the stops, purchasing stylish, beautiful tiles is quick and easy. The range is extensive so you could find yourself spoilt for choice when deciding which tiles to go for. If you are unsure about the design you want, order some samples first to ensure you make the right decision or give us a call to discuss your individual needs and we'll try our very best to help you find the right tile for you.