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Swimming Pool Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

If you’re going through the expense of maintaining a pool, or are building one from scratch, then the very least you’d expect is for your pool to have a stylish look about it. That’s where tiles can come in incredibly handy. We have a fantastic selection of striking, stylish, luxury swimming pool tiles that are perfectly okay to use outside and underwater. 
Add an anti-slip base 
When you step into your pool, you don’t want your feet to slip out from underneath you. That’s why anti slip tiles are a great choice for lining the base of a swimming pool. For example, our Titanium Anti Slip Tiles have an offering of gripping surfaces to choose from – some flat but gruff, some structured (riven like natural stone), and some with circular studs coming up from the surface of the tile. They’re perfectly suitable for use as swimming pool tiles.
For that authentic finishing touch, don’t forget to use strips of a darker tile in your base to map out your swimming lanes!  These will help you keep in line when you’re getting a few laps in. 

Create the luxury look with mosaic tiles 
Mosaic tiles are a popular choice when it comes it tiling a swimming pool, but they’re definitely for the higher-budget projects, as a Sqm of mosaic tiles will usually cost you more than a Sqm of full porcelain tiles. Therefore, we say that mosaic tiles are reversed for the more exclusive and luxurious look, and we have a vast selection of swimming-pool-friendly mosaics to choose from. 
Traditionally, swimming pool tiles are usually blue. The idea being that blue matches the natural appearance of the water, and can help to make the pool look vaster and deeper. When it comes to blue mosaic tiles, we have some colourful, eye-catching mixes. From blue and white checkerboard designs, through to more tropical blends, such as the yellow, blue and green mix found in our Caribbean Tiles. 

A pebbled entrance 
One of the most striking customer projects using swimming pool tiles we ever got to see here at Walls and Floors had a gradual slope that softly crept down into the pool. The slope was lined with river pebble mosaic tiles – which consist of smooth, natural river pebbles in various colours fixed to a mesh backing. When they were used on this swimming pool entrance slope, which led down into the water, they helped to add a really nice natural touch; as if the pool wasn’t man-made at all – but rather, it was a private, exotic lagoon. 
The perfect finishing touch 
Once your pool is completed, don’t just leave it there. Spend a little time making sure the ground around your pool has a stylish look to it, too. For a nice finish, why not create the illusion of a striking decked area surrounding your pool? But don’t use natural wooden decking. It’s slippery, it fades in the sun, and it requires constant treatment and maintenance. Instead, choose an anti-slip wood effect tile. They’re every bit as realistic as natural wood (they often consist of a HD photograph of wood printed onto the tile), they’re zero maintenance, and they have a gripping anti slip surface! Perfect for creating a trendy platform around your pool, onto which you can put your loungers! 
Why buy swimming pool tiles from Walls and Floors? 
If you’ve singled out a couple of tiles you think you’d like to incorporate into your pool design, but you don’t know which one to go for, then order a sample of each. Here at Walls and Floors, we offer discounted full size sample tiles, and free cut sample tiles, with Free Delivery, to help you get a closer look at our products. 
If you’ve got a technical or styling query about your project, we won’t leave you in the dark like other companies. Fire your question over to Paul Collins, the Tile Guru. He’s our resident tiling expert, and he’s more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have.