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Tile Grouts

Tile Grouts Ideas from Walls and Floors

Once you’ve chosen your tiles and you’ve fixed them in place using adhesive, it’s time to commence the next part of the tiling process; applying the tile grout. Why’s grout so important? Firstly, it keeps the tiles firmly cemented in their places, to stop them sinking over time. Secondly, it covers the cracks, and prevents dirt or moisture from getting behind the tiles. Thirdly, it provides a nice, attractive finish. You may not realise it, but tile grout can actually add to the styling of your tiling display (discussed below). We have a great offering of tile grouts to choose from – suitable for all surfaces and settings. 

Experiment with different colours of tile grout 

We have a huge selection of tile grouts colours to choose from. Browse our range of Mapei Ultracolour Plus Tile Grout for a kaleidoscope of different hues! The colour of the tile grout you choose impacts massively on the finished tile design. You can add stylish effects by experimenting with different colours. 

If you’re using white metro tiles, why not try using a black tile grout? This contrasting look will frame each tile; adding definition to each smooth or bevelled brick shape. Alternatively, a micro trend that has emerged in line with a popular colour scheme, is the idea of using a teal-coloured tile grout between your white metro tiles. 

An emerging trend in swanky London bars and restaurants is the combination of black metro tiles with red tile grout. 

Tip: When choosing tile grout for floor tiles, choose a darker shade. That way, the dirt and dust won’t show up as strongly. 

Mapei also have a glitter additive available, which you can mix in with your grout to make it glisten and sparkle! Perfect for use with especially decorative tiles, like quartz or iridescent mosaics. 

Anti mould tile grout 

There’s nothing worse than spending lots of money on a nice tiling display in a bathroom, only to discover than within a few months, the grout joints are all black with mould. To completely prevent this, use an anti-mould grout. We have an own-brand selection of anti-mould tile grout, to help stop the growth of unsightly moulds, which can completely spoil your tiling display. 

If you’ve got black mould on your tile joints, you can try to clean them using this guide: How to clean bathroom tiles. Alternatively, scrape out the grout, blow away any excess, and re-grout using anti mould tile grout.